Lu Hao Cheng&Blue Xin:“……”If they seem to have guessed。
“Ha ha……”Blue son suddenly laughs,“You said,You say all words。”
Blue Qiqi kicked a foot of his calf,“shut up,I am angry all day.,You as your brother,You don’t know your own sister.。”
Blue Qiqi is anxious。
“Do you have a distressed person??”Blue sorrow smiled and watched her.。
“Tough girl?”Blue Qiqi is can’t help but shake it.。
She is like a female man?
She is talented,Is it a female man??
“dad,You must have affected by Blueness.,You always think about it.,I feel that I will take it.。”
Blue 梓qi stressed his father。
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Kiki,A sentence didn’t say this by Dad。”
some things,It’s really true.。
Blue Xin helpless:“Kiki,no kidding,Grandpa grandmother?”
“They go out to buy vegetables.,What are we studying??”Lan Qiqi。
Blue Xin:“The mother does not bother you to learn.,Tomorrow mother will give you a video call.。”
“Mom and Dad goodbye!”Brothers and sisters。
Blue Xin took a phone and saw Lu Hao Cheng。
“Ah Cheng,Do things have been handled??”
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,Poker face。
Blue Xinyi,I know that he is very angry about this matter.。
Can let him be so angry,People who do this,It must be his very important person.。
“who is it?”She asked directly。
Lu Haocheng took the lips:“Lin Xiao himself。”
Blue Xin took a breath。
“People in front of money,Human nature does not have a little test,It seems that the other party gave her a lot of money.。”
“This soldier is not found yet,but……”
Lu Haocheng smiled coldly,Hao Peng,I will make you more miserable this time.。
Blue Xin looked at his belly black smile,I always feel that someone has to be unlucky.。
“I just saw it just now.r.kLive room,This batch of children’s clothing is very good.,Almost every style is grab,Limited version is even more robbery。”
“Um!Lin Xiao’s design,It is indeed,but,She is too greedy.。”Although he cherished,But absolutely can’t tolerate betrayal。
Blue Xin is a little confused:“What is the reason I want to betray??”