But he quickly woke up。
I didn’t take the phone to take the bed of the bed.,After five or six seconds,This is half-sitting。
Just——When he picks up the phone,When you see the number above,Not help。
Sink,Choose to turn on。
“Mu’s brother,I am Bai Jiarong。”
Bai Jiarong’s voice,“Sorry,Dream of your dreamer。”
Mu Xiangrong asked,“My brother called me so late.,Must have something。”
The same is the Gangnama Nationality,Two people naturally know。
Certainty,This is limited to this。
Character like their identity,Seeing anything is the same,If there is no need,Will not get rich。
But it is impossible to be friends。
Maybe today’s mutual accounting,Tomorrow is the Association of League。
Only eternal interests。
“Brother,I bother you so late.,There is a thing I want to ask you.。”
Bai Jiarong opened the door to see the mountain。
Mu went to the tend to pick the eyebrows,There is not much curiosity between tone,Asked faintly,“What is。”
“Time,Order Mugong……I want to ask,Is it a person who is http://www.mosashop.cn called a summer??”
Mu went to rushing his eyes,Sleepiness,“White brother,What do you mean??”
Two sons of Mu Dong’s death,For Mu Wei Rong,Is a painful blow。
Critical,He knows the identity of the murderer。
Summer,Qinghai people!This is the murderer,In Turk Sman killing his son left。
Mu Xiangrong naturally refuses to be good,Just when he is ready to wait for the retaliation,Big son Mu Tian actually in Long Chengluo,I met the murderer。
Result……Mu Tian is also dancing as the madman。
During this time,Mu went to Rongnan never give up the revenge,But the old decisive,There is no happiness。
But send people in Qinghai,I have been secretly collecting information and information about summer.。
Compared to Bai Jiarong,He is obviously to know more,But only this。