“Forehead,Be able to,However, it may be a big discount in expanding the role of apple.。”
“This doesn’t matter,I have already opened the foreign market,The more you plant this apple, the better.,Of course, it is necessary to have effects.,As long as you are apple or other fruits,,Then I don’t feel that you have a minimum of billions of people for a few years.。”
Su Li said that Li Hui felt roots will,But by the other party,His heart is really a bit。
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,How much I didn’t think about it?,However, I want to make money with the whole village.,I am ready to set up a cooperative,How do you manage??”
You still have such an idea,I feel this idea is very good.,rest assured,Money earned or five or five points,Big brother will not let you suffer。”
After touch with Li Hui,The feeling of Su Danying is not a general person.,Because Li Hui Feng looks like money.。
Let him feel some unrealistic。
After all, he is a thousand billions of boss, and you can’t get out of money.。
But Li Hui http://www.seening.cn is like this, it can even say that the young people who have no degeneration actually live more than him.。
“Su big brother,You don’t have to say something in the future.,I know that you are not bad.,Although I’m almost, I really don’t need Su Dado to take care of me.,After the cooperative is established,I should go back to school.,I still have to trouble the big brother.。”
go to school?
Which school?”
Looking at Suya’s surprised expression,Li Hui also hides,Laugh:“Huaqing University in Huashan City, Jiangbei Province。”
Huaqing University?
That is second only to the university with the Magic, the emperor.,You can go to others like this.?
You must know that these universities have money to go.。”
“Su big brother,I am a test.,Before the special reason was persuade,I am misunderstood http://www.tugongfang.cn now.,So I can go back to school again.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Su Lai suddenly felt too little thing about Li Hui’s previous things or understanding,Before he sent people to investigate, Li Hui Feng Family,Ignore the experience before Li Hui。
There is also a thing that Li speaks in the wind.,These feelings should be understood。
“so it is,Row,When you are going back, I will say it well.,There are also my company over there.,If you don’t want to live, I will give you a few houses directly.,Anyway, I can’t sell it.。”
Li Hui is directly among the riders of Suwa.。
He knows that Huashan City’s general housing prices are three thousand men.,If you are better, you can reach more than 100,000 or even more.。
As a result, it is the same as Chinese cabbage.,Can’t sell it out?
“Hey-hey,This time later,Today, the urgency is to repair the road in the village.,Then engage in other constructions。”
“Row,Your kid has its own ideas,I don’t have more interference.,But your orchard can be done,I have to do it well.,Old brother doesn’t want you,If you have a good garden, it is not less than I have earned the real estate.,The premise is that the fruit of your orchard must maintain the level of efficacy.。”
Su Qing’s reasonable,He is also investment,It’s just in investing in Li Hui, this person.。
Because he saw some people could not see from Li Hui’s body.。
Low-key,Excellent,Highly objective,Treat,The most critical is that people are very straightforward.,Even some hateful feelings。
It is because of these,Let Su Liang can restart bold investment。