After the end,Shake your head,Turn around。
Obvious,This name is Jason’s youth,I’m quite extraordinary,Even if the principal Lewis,There is no respect for too much.。
Some difficulties in the face of teachers and students from Qinghai University。
“Mr. Fang,terribly sorry,Please don’t care。”
Lewis wiped the cold sweat,Smile,“Jason is actually a very good student.,And very cool love fitness and fighting。”
“understand,I understand。”
Fang Dean can only respond。
Next,Both sides launched a formal exchange。
During this period,There is no unhappy thing.。
Whether Qinghai University is also an Oxford University,Once you have worried it earnestly equal,Will learn from each other。
Evening,Lewis also leads to Qinghai University to enter the brilliant hall hall。
Grand and grand。
This makes it uncomfortable with the Qinghai University teachers and students.。
But press Lewis said,In fact, it is a small dinner.,In addition to the initial slightly arrest,The atmosphere in the field quickly became hot。
Summer sitting on a chair,Bent waist,Taste the food on the table,Chew,Shake your head,The taste is really not good。
to be honest,Even now is now,He is not very good for all kinds of people in British.。
It is good to have the school also prepared Huaxia Food.。
His right side sequently sits in Yunno,Zhang Fengxian and a few girls,Sample of food,While smashed。
But just at this time,A young man who has been long is coming to two women.,Smiling,“Beautiful clouds,I am very honored to meet you.。”
It is the youth called Jason’s youth.。
See this scene,Summer eyes slightly flash,The next consciousness is going to go through。Just just step,The middle age called Charles stopped him,His face still hangs a smile,Anxiety,“gentlemen,In order to ensure safety,I checked the big list of teachers and students in your school today.,But didn’t see the information and
material,May I ask you are……”
coming。Summer heart。
NS1031chapter Just an excuse
Genius this site address:(Vertex “in Chinese),Quick update!Noble!
Large list of teachers and students of Qinghai University,Before the business,Faxg5Elite University confirmation。
Since the Thunder is arranged in advance,Gao Wen and Hu Ham are in the big list。
Summer appears in another identity,Naturally not in big list。
But before coming,Fang De An has said to him,Will call the school greetings。
Now Charles deliberately,Obviously there is an unspeakable purpose。
But there is no concealment in the summer.,Faint,“Some time ago, Miss, Yunno got some things.,I was sent to protect him.。”
Charles is a bit surprised,I didn’t go deep into this topic.,It is a swift,“Since you are a bodyguard,That will definitely,Right?”
“Slightly understand one or two。”
Summer self-esteem,A pair of eyes swept over Jason with Yunno,Request。