Dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine surgery

(1) The main characteristics of severe cold syndrome are asthma, chills, no sweat, shoulder condensation, sweating, or headache, nasal congestion, thin white phlegm, cold white tongue, floating and tight pulses, not thirsty and tired, orThirst for hot drinks.

For the treatment of warming the lungs and dispersing cold, the first party Xiaoqinglong Decoction, followed by the flavored Dingchuan Baiguo Decoction.

Xiaoqinglong Decoction (10g ephedra, 15g paeonia, 75g of grass, 5g of cinnamon, 5g of dried ginger, 25g of asarum, 75g of pinellia, 5g of schisandra).

Modified Dingchuan Baiguo Decoction (fried ginkgo 15g, ephedra 10g, 15g winter flower, 10g pinellia, 15g mulberry, 15g perilla, 15g almond, 10g scutellaria, 75g licorice, 5g chuanbei).

  (2) The symptoms of Han Baohuo include the symptoms of phobia and fever, cough, thick yellow sputum, slippery pulse strings, yellow fur, red tongue, and dry mouth.

For the treatment of clearing the gold and lowering the fire, the first side is flavored with five tiger soup (ephedra 10g, almond 10g, gypsum 15g, licorice 75g, tea 5g, mulberry 15g, aristolochia 75g).

Following the service of Ma Chai Gan Ton Decoction (Ephedra 10g, Bupleurum 10g, Licorice 10g, Bone Bone 15g).

  (3) Lung empirical cough, throat tightness, suffocation, suffocation, unfavorable breathing, chest pain, yellow tongue greasy, slippery pulse or sinking.

For the treatment of clearing the lungs and phlegm, the first side is flavored with Qingzao Jiufei Decoction (Asparagus 15g, Ophiopogon 15g, Licorice 75g, Zhimu 10g, Tangerine 10g, Scutellaria baicalensis 10g, Mulberry 15g, Almond 15g, Coriander Shell 15g, Bellflower 10g, Maogan 20g, Coix Seed 15g).

Following the serving of almond powder (almond, chuanbei, aster, winter flower, Yuanshen), adults take 10g each time.

  (4) Congestion syndrome: chest tightness, coldness, fatigue, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, sputum, unfavorable spitting, tongue, white fur, greasy, and astringent pulse.

Expelling chestnuts and opening chestnuts, the first party Suzi Jiangqi Decoction (Suzi 15g, Tangerine 10g, Pinellia 10g, Angelica 10g, Qianhu 10g, Guizhi 10g, Chuanpu 10g, Grass 75g).

Following the serving of Guizhi Thickening Almond Soup (Almond 5g, Guizhi 15g, Peony 15g, grass 10g, Ginger 5g, Magnolia 15g, Jujube 10g), decoction, a bowl of gruel porridge should be servedTonic.

  The principle of treating the symptoms and preventing the symptoms of hypertension in treatment is usually the principle.

Suddenly, Dingchuan mainly relieves cough; after wheezing, it mainly regulates the spleen and stomach. It is used to nourish the lungs and kidneys, and eliminate phlegm and qi to strengthen the curative effect.

  The cold card is exempted on the temporary card, followed by the cold packet fire card, especially for children aged 1-10.

Half of the children are most likely to feel chills and discomfort if they are careless.

  The used almond powder, Ma Chai Gan Ton Decoction is a self-designed experience prescription. Almond Powder has a good effect on lung-type cough, and Ma Chai Gan Ton soup has a good effect on Han Bao Huo Cough.