In addition to watering flowers, Taomi Water has this magical effect.

Too many girls are troubled by oily skin. Every time they wash their face, after an hour or two, they will soon become greasy and greasy.

What should I do?

The following small method can solve this trouble perfectly.

Method 1: Place a small group of cooked rice in a simmering group and roll it for a few minutes under the arms.

The rice ball has good viscousness and soft touch. It can achieve the effect of cleansing the face when the shell is rolled. After use, the original greasy face will be refreshed.

Method 2: Washing rice is also a good way to wash your face: take the second or third time of Taomi Shui, wash your face 2?
3 times.

If you are not afraid of trouble, you can put the white rice in the container, add water to wash, pour off the rice water, add another water to wash, leave the second time to wash the rice water, put it in the refrigerator for one night, add warm water to wash the face the next day, the curative effectBetter.

But can not be placed in the second night, Taomi water will be fermented.

Principle: The surface of the rice contains potassium, so the first or twice of the rice water will show a pH of 5.

5 is weakly acidic, but then it starts to change to 7.

2 or so alkaline.

Such alkaline rice water can be used as soapy water to wash away sebum, and it is also the best wash water for self-adjusting detergency.

In addition, the starch contained in rice can be converted into a substance called “alkyl glycoside” after a certain action.

This substance is the active ingredient of the detergent we use every day.

No special procedures are required to manufacture rice water, and the strength of the washing power can be determined due to the difference in concentration.

The rice bran oil in the rice water is rich in vitamins B and E, which can protect the skin from the ultraviolet radiation, and can prevent the formation of melanin and achieve the effect of white skin.

Wash your face with the first rice water every morning and evening, gently massage and pat the face, so that the nutrients in the rice water can penetrate into the skin, and finally wash with water.