Cute Youth League, is not everyone can enjoy?

管理 / 2018-05-29

  Youth League is to a named "Wormwood" (or Matcham) of wild Wash boiled Ji Zhi, rub it in the glutinous rice flour, made only a green dumpling。
Group glossy dark green jade, tough soft waxy, fragrant, from color to taste all with the breath of spring。
  Although Youth League cute food, but is suitable for all food groups?This reporter interviewed the Punan Hospital dietitian in charge of the department of nutrition Qi Cheng。
  Cheng Qi said, the main raw material of the Youth League is glutinous rice flour and a variety of fillings。
Glutinous rice flour belongs grains, containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and starch acetate。 From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, rice sweet, warm, spleen, stomach, lung, having a deficiency of stomach and spleen, antiperspirant solid form, efficacy diarrhea, sore detoxification treatment, belonging Warming。
  While many advantages of rice, but it contains starch amylopectin, it is difficult to digest hydrolysis in the stomach。
The frail elderly, infants, diabetics, overweight or obese patients with high cholesterol, hypertension and gout, patients with gastrointestinal disease, patients with high fever, swallowing dysfunction should eat or not eat。   Youth fillings on the market now in addition to conventional red bean paste, and shepherd's purse meat, tofu Malan, salted egg yolk floss filling varieties。 The most common material in Example bean paste, bean paste is cooked red beans soaked pressed into the mud, then add sugar and oil in frying。
Businesses in order to pursue the taste, add a lot of sugar in the process of making red bean paste, stuffing mix oil such as lard, butter or hydrogenated vegetable oil, mostly contain more saturated fat。   Youth League, is called a green, because the added wormwood glutinous rice。 Wormwood was a good thing, it has a higher nutritional value, containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc.。
Its cool, detoxification, with cool, stabilize anger, rheumatism, inflammation, and other effects antitussive。 Selenium anticancer wormwood is recognized as Aloe plant 10 times。 In addition, it has lower blood pressure, blood fat, relieve cardiovascular disease have a better therapeutic effect, is a typical plant health。   Since the Youth League as a food so the season, we have to look at how to eat Youth League。
  First, poor glycemic control crowd, choose need to be cautious。
Even if the business is known as sales of sugar-free varieties, let us not consider filling them, its skin contains a lot of starch, itself is high-calorie food, its GI value (glycemic index) is not low, and the glutinous rice foods themselves liter speed is very high blood sugar, high blood sugar will push。   Second, high blood fat people。
Whether traditional red bean paste material or now the new darling of salted egg yolk floss fillings are high in fat, so I want to eat at ease, wish yourself to be a low-salt and low-fat low-sugar version of health Youth League。   Third, gastrointestinal function of poor people。 Because the products are rice, sticky texture, texture after cold closer, plus oil, more difficult to digest。 Youth League is easy to stimulate gastric acid secretion, so the lack of gastric motility, hyperacidity and gastric ulcer patients should control。
Pancreatitis and gastritis must be strictly controlled, since the green rice groups lead to a deterioration of these inflammatory disease recurrence or。
  Finally emphasize, children and senior citizens as well as dysphagia swallowing people must pay attention to safety。   Youth League as the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage, Youth League to bring people not only the oral soft, sweet rice, as well as childhood memories, we hope to choose their own way to enjoy delicious。