Beijing 317 anniversary of a regulation: slow market prices fall back a year ago to repair | Homelink

管理 / 2018-05-31

   Economic Daily – China Economic Net Beijing March 17 (Reporter Li Fang) today, from Beijing in the history of the most stringent regulatory policies "317 control" for a whole year, a year to Beijing house prices fell yet?How to get to the future?Agency report shows that over the past year Beijing house prices fell, the property market turnover shrinking overall。   Volume and price regulation this year, the Beijing housing prices fell。 Chain of home Institute report shows that in 2017 the 317 regulated prices ended Beijing 17 consecutive months of rising momentum, then prices fell 9 consecutive months, the cumulative decline of 15%。
March 2018 Beijing second-hand housing average price of 58,527 yuan / square, close to the level of December 2016。
Currently, Beijing second-hand housing prices appears to be signs of stabilizing home prices rose in January%, down% in February。   Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that Beijing after new commercial-residential total regulation signed 23388 units a year, have dropped up to% year on year, setting a historical record low。 Villa property transactions signed in 4137 after 317 units, down%。 The biggest is the commercial and residential property class, the regulation of the past year, the actual signing only 5895 units, an 91% decline。   Second-hand housing turnover is also in the doldrums。 According to data of the Central Plains, the year 2017, Beijing second-hand housing transactions million units, compared to 270,000 units plummeted 50%, to 2015 this volume is the lowest round in 2016。   317 repair slow market regulation is considered to be the most serious in the history of the regulation, because it "Housing credit recognition," there are credit record buyers were identified as "two sets", this policy needs a greater impact on the wards。 Second, increase the down payment, mortgage interest rates go up, increasing the difficulty of wards。   Chain research institutes responsible person that, wards demand is the main demand Beijing real estate market, namely the market, "single-chain" high proportion, increased regulation after wards difficulty of making the "chain off the chain", bring volume have fallen sharply, began a slight increase in the fourth quarter after three quarters to stabilize。   Since March 2018, the volume has gone up, because the normal release of the cumulative demand of the Chinese New Year holiday。 Per cent, March 2018 (as of 16 May), Beijing chain of home transaction data is less than 60% over the same period of 2017。   Homelink Institute believes that "this is a normal amount will not lead to sharp rise in prices, as a whole, the market is slow, normal repair and move toward stability。
"Return to live in property over the past year, Beijing property market control measures issued more than 30 times, setting a historical record density policy。
Centaline Dawei, chief analyst analysts believe that with the policy entered a stable period, the market gradually into the low ebbs, expected to follow the market will continue to run in the low。   In addition, the Beijing property market control measures will significantly adder force。 Next five years, Beijing will complete a total of 250,000 sets of property rights of housing land supply, by speeding up housing supply, improve construction quality, equitable distribution, to further stabilize social expectations to resolutely curb speculative investment in housing demand, promote the return of residential housing properties, effectively promoted Beijing real estate market is stable and healthy。
  Dawei is expected to begin from the second half of March 2018, Beijing will have a lot of common property price of commercial housing and housing market, the overall market is likely to continue to cool in 2018。
For just need it, after a large number of low-cost housing market, increased choice。 The overall market is likely to continue to cool in 2018。