James beyond the Jordan!But his body just before the 4th of history as well as Bryant

管理 / 2018-06-01

  Beijing time on March 2, although today the Cleveland Cavaliers at home to 97-108 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, but LeBron – James has once again usher in the "milestone"。
He finished with 30 points, a career regular season scoring 20 screenings this beyond – Michael Jordan。
  On a home win over the Nets, while LeBron James had a triple-double 31 points, scoring 20 career regular-season streak reached 926 games, tying this Jordan, tied for fourth place in NBA history。
  The first three quarters cruised the field James has scored 22 points, to 927 this field beyond the Jordan, exclusive NBA History 4。 Currently the top three respectively – Karl Malone (1134 games), Karim – Abdul – Jabbar (1122 games) and Kobe Bryant – Bryant (941 games)。   In addition, in the last game of Harding Park, James career regular season scoring total to 30,387 points in NBA history from the top of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38387 points) as well as 8000。
Fans laugh: "From now on, James finally officially open the 8000 sprint!"The only drawback is that such a performance, James failed to bring victory to Knight。
US media after the game is given a statistics: nearly three games, James scored 94 total points and shot%; while the other four starters Knights total 86 points, shot just%。
From immune to the command team "maneuvers", before James has a bottomless chasm。