James 30 points the Heat win the Titans broke out again force the Pacers won the King of the mountain

管理 / 2018-06-03

  Ticker May 31, the Heat won the Eastern Conference finals of the "King of the mountain" of the war, home to 90-79 victory over the Pacers a 3-2 lead。   Heat get match point, can clinch a finals。 LeBron – James would have had 27 points through three quarters, scored 30 points, eight rebounds and six assists。
Udonis – Haslem again cast 9 8 had 16 points, Mario – Chalmers 12 points, Dwyane – Wade 10 points, Chris Bosh – 7 points, 5 rebounds。   Pacers in the third quarter collapse。
– Paul George scored 27 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists, Roy – Hibbert 22 points and six rebounds, David – West 17 points, George – Hill only 1 point。
  The defending champion Miami Heat in big trouble, they can not grab enough rebounds, could not find the feeling of Wade, Bosh can not let remain stable。 The referee not to force, the Heat lost the last game, have several key penalty against them, James, even at the last minute 6 fouled out。
  After the war into the Eastern Conference finals 2-2, today to become "King of the mountain" of the war, history has proven the possibility of promotion to the fifth winner of the great war, but both positive and negative examples of the Heat last season, have met。 Last year the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Pacers, the Heat won the fifth war, the final clearance。
But the Celtics, the Heat lost the fifth war in the Eastern Conference finals to 2-3 behind, they eventually overturned。   Because of this, the Heat did not feel standing on the edge of doom, "We do not need to be particularly confident before a game," James said, "We have always been confident of the group, returned home to play the fifth war, we are excitement。 "As Hibbert said, hit this level, the two sides have been bright cards out, who will determine the outcome of a stronger fighting spirit。 After opening morale Pacers, the Heat to cause great trouble。
  After opening the two teams have been shot, Hibbert scored the first Bulan。 After the Heat to 4-2 beyond, George shot twice, one with 5 points, Hibbert also dunks succeeded, the Pacers lead to 9-4。 Hibbert dominate the basket, the Pacers got the upper hand。 The first section have 1 minute 14 seconds, Chalmers at the rebound fell to the basket, the Heat to 4 anti-5, but still managed to initiate a fast break after steals Wade, Chalmers did not back against after the ball hit the third, chasing the score 19-20 Heat。 George also soon also to third, the Pacers 23-19 end of this section。 Hibbert and George both arranged the first section of all 23 points, George hit three 3-pointers, 13 points for Houston, Hibbert had 10 points。   Section II going on for nearly three minutes, the field of conflict。
Anderson both hands Hansbrough pushed the referee rushed over to separate the two。
Anderson ate a foul, Hansbrough throws a ball, but in the next attack, Anderson gave Hansbrough a big hat, he was very vent to the sky and roar。   Heat is still at a disadvantage, while Section 7 minutes and 26 seconds after West backhand layup, leading the Pacers to 34-27。 Wade scored four points, this section there are 5 minutes 23 seconds, his first shot, the Heat will recover as the score 31-34。 Bosh also find the feeling, hit a record one-third, in this section have 1 minute 45 seconds, James field goal, the Heat to tie it at 40-40。
West became the Pacers' strengths in this section, a person even after four points, the Pacers to 44-40 halftime lead。   George first half, scored 15 points and five rebounds, Hibbert 14 points, three rebounds, David West also scored 10 points, the Pacers others had a total of 5 points。 James scored 11 points for the Heat, Chalmers scored 9 points, 7 points Bosh, Wade 6 shots 1, only 5 minutes。
– Ray Allen and Sean – Shane Battier hit three failed。
  Increasingly tense atmosphere of the court, not long after the third hit, Haslem and West spray trash talking face to face, to be opened referee。
After the Heat played a small wave height 7-2, to 47-46 exceeded。 After more than half of this section, once again overtake the Pacers to 53-51, but that was their last lead。 James shot fired back twice, but also assists Chalmers hit a third period, the Heat scored seven points, 58-53 to gain advantage。 This section last 5 minutes 33 seconds, the Pacers could not hit a ball, but James has since hit the third, while Udonis Haslem one hit consecutive three-ball, the Heat to 67-55 obtain 12 points of advantage。
  After three sessions, the Heat to 70-57 lead, James This section scored 16 points, the Pacers team has more than 3 points。
  Pacers in the fourth quarter to narrow the gap to eight points, but after continuous shot of Allen finally hit the third, Wade layup, the Heat to 79-66 lead with 13 points。 Heat began to control the rhythm, and then the Pacers failed to narrow the gap to nine points or less。
  Competition also 2 minutes and 15 seconds, Stevenson shooting, the Pacers still 76-86 behind。
Haslem and James each hit a ball, declared the end of the game。