Correct understanding of qigong qigong with you know

管理 / 2018-06-06

The correct understanding is how we kind of traditional Chinese qigong is among a relatively long time and smooth it with other martial arts like body has a certain health benefits, but now many people have the wrong understanding of qigong, it as one kind of marvelous things, it is not right。 Following small for everyone to bring a correct understanding of qigong, qigong with you know!What is qigong qigong classified into two types, internal support and hard qigong qigong。 Hard training hard martial arts, also known as qigong qigong practitioners long-term emotional force of unity to make the body's muscle tissue to be strengthened。 Wherein the support comprises a Qigong (static power and dynamic power) is stationary and the guiding practitioners ideas promoting blood flow along a certain orbit, to achieve physical, fitness, illnesses, a method sickness。
In addition to the above two exercises, other abstruse with specific functional exercises, is a lie, such as beating Taking, measured outside air disease, cure, remote viewing, remote sensing, perspective, stealth, teleporting, hands and feet, ears literacy, gas evolution change the molecular structure water manufacturing information and even astronauts calls, and etc.。
As a writer early Qigong enthusiasts, 30 years never felt or saw make me believe that specific function。 Of course, nature is infinite mystery of the science does have a lot of things unrecognized for specific functions we can not simply say that there is or not, but for performances and experimental test some specific features of My understanding is: first We can not rule out the magic show and artificial wrongdoing; the second to go through rigorous scientific experiments and test repeated to confirm; third very individual phenomenon not represent a scientific。 What gas is gas is what it Physically it is a gas in a gaseous state of matter。 From ancient philosophy speaking, gas is the material form the basis of all things, the so-called "Heaven and gas, all self-generated"。
From medical speaking, gas refers to microscopic substances constitute the human body and life-sustaining activities, in particular in the physiological function of organs and tissues, including the following: First essence, it also has generated both innate acquired supplemented by body biochemical glands secretion of various hormones from the so-called "practice refined gas"; second number of gas, both breathing gas; Third gas business, both drawn from the organs and tissues adjusted via the diet, can be transformed into the blood nutrition gas; Fourth, Wei qi, the material has a resilience learned from the diet。 Qigong spoken on air, yet no complete scientific explanation, generally speaking, it is a special kind of energy substances, within minutes of the outside air and gas。 Gas and the gas is consistent TCM spoken, but more emphasis is an idea organic integration and energy。
About the outside air, it is not unusual, there is a body radiation phenomenon, the human body as a special object travels, generate energy and radiation energy transfer phenomenon is entirely possible, just this energy there is a limit, not far as some people would brag about it "mysterious"。 Many outside air to say, there are infrared radiation, electrostatic enrichment, energetic particles, particle-wave, bio-wave, electromagnetic, infrasound, the human field, energy and other unknown。
I think whether it is inside or outside air gas, are inherent in the human body specific energy matter, which is why some people practice qigong few days will have a sense of gas, the idea itself does not produce gas, but with the right ideas and guidance can be enhanced activate this special material, play the function of the human potential。
Qigong qigong correct understanding of traditional Chinese medicine is an important part of the Eastern Han Dynasty Shen Yi Hua qigong have important discourse and practice of Shen Yi Hua understanding of Qigong created a "five animals", while there are also "Baduanjin "。
Recorded in ancient Chinese books of many qigong information。 In retrospect, as early as in the "Yellow Emperor" there are many aspects of the content of qigong basis, theories, principles, essentials, methods, etc.。