East of caution "oil level up" issue

管理 / 2018-06-07

  For technical reasons, we did not rush to give the East of the specific technical solutions, while actively seeking technology solutions。 In this incident the first time, for the "oil level rise" turbo engine problems occur, the East this in mid-February for the first time gives the solution。 The first is for the East of the ECU CR-V will be upgraded by adjusting the fuel injection timing, ignition timing and the engine rotational speed, speed of the engine to heat up, so that the oil mixed in the fuel to burn the volatiles again as soon as possible, so as to effectively control the oil level L high。
The second is to amend the oil dipstick, above the upper limit of the additional increment scale to confirm oil。
The third solution is a combination of correction oil dipstick tick marks, revised user manual。
But the consumer's patience is limited until March, the East of no further action, guidance and quality inspection departments Law Enforcement and Supervision therefore interviewed Higashi。   In fact, the turbo models "oil level rise" is not a very complex issue。 Several years ago, a certain brand of imported cars because of different working conditions and the use of domestic oil problem, a vehicle malfunction, leading to irrational rights owners, hit the country, causing great damage to the brand image。 From the current market environment, due to the Chinese car market is still in its infancy, a lot of cars imported into the country without making local adaptive improvement, the question arises at the time almost become a more common phenomenon。 Now 20 years past, China's auto market has become the world's first-generation market, to enter the Chinese market, multinational car companies, without exception, has formed a complete model import process, issues like turbo models appeared, I believe this is the East solving skills through technical means。
  As we all know, CR-V model as the East of the main models, since 2004, along with the East of growing up along the way。
The car with the rapid development of its good reputation and nearly a decade of China's SUV market, a long period of time is in short supply, consumers need to increase to mention cars, created a number of Chinese SUV market "first" in the Chinese market can be said to earn pours。 Today, the time has huge holdings of CR-V models appear a crisis of credibility in the Chinese market, the East of the pressure can be imagined。
  East of the stakeholders said that in the final to come up with solutions that have the interests of consumers are guaranteed。
While the initial release of the solution, the East this made it clear that for a whole new generation turbocharged engine CR-V, the tenth generation Civic, the new Jed, UR-V models such as extended warranty to six years 200,000 km, so car owners peace of mind。 Up to now, this is still in the east in northern China for the confirmatory test carried out by the final solution。   Text / reporter in Domestic and。