Commission takes stock CDR voice again These shares concern

管理 / 2018-06-08

Stock poly (Jufeng investment adviser effort to build public No. jugupiao) March 15, Commission Vice-Chairman Yan Qingmin said China Depositary Receipts (CDR) will soon launch, CDR is to solve the two laws, two regulation effective measures in favor of listed overseas companies delisting return A-share listed。 [1] Notice Nuggets, sunflower Pharmaceutical (002737): be 10 to switch 10 to send 10 yuan 2, Henghua Technology (300 365): 2017 net profit up by five percent be 10 to switch 10 to send 2 million 3, Kay material ( 300 398): a quarterly advance by nearly four times [1] hot Nuggets, Branch innovation source (300,731) (keep track of) these stocks of concern "/>Capital inflows: Tuesday Billboard data shows the stock fund net purchases of ten thousand yuan。 2, Jing Rui shares (300,655) (keep track of) these stocks of concern "/>Good: March 8, BOE announcement planed to build 6th generation AMOLED production line in Chongqing, and intends to invest in LCD TVs, LCD monitors, terminals and other new application products in Suzhou, the design capacity of 20 million units / year。 In addition the national IC industry investment fund the second phase of the program has been submitted to and approved by the State Council, the scale of funding is expected in 1500?200 billion yuan。
With the rapid development of the domestic panel industry as well as state support for the development of the semiconductor industry, and domestic development trend of electronic chemicals clear。
3, H & Q woo-woo (300300) (keep track of) these stocks of concern "/>A quarterly: Handing Yu Woo disclosed the 2018 first quarter results notice。 The company expects 2018 first-quarter profit 110 million yuan -11 548 million increase over the previous year% to%。 4, Luoyang Glass (600876) These shares concern "/>SOE reform: SASAC director Xiao Yaqing National People's Congress press conference held at the thirteenth meeting expressed, will continue to promote the central enterprises 'mix change', and happy to see foreign companies involved。
Xiao Yaqing, at present, there are three batches of the central enterprises to carry out mixed ownership reform, both subsidiaries of the central enterprises reform, there are "mixed Unicom change" such reforms in the two-level central enterprises listed companies。 "The reason to engage in mixed ownership reform, just want to play their respective advantages of each mixed ownership investors, the formation of shared interests and complementary advantages and common development, better enlarge their capital functions。
5, the peak cement (000672) (keep track of) these stocks of concern "/>Price: According to Digital Cement message, Gansu Tianshui Sinoma issued a circular, since at 0:13 on the March 2018 day Tianshui Sinoma all varieties of bulk cement prices up based on the original 20 yuan / ton。 Pingliang cement companies have the will with the rise expected in the range of about 30 yuan / ton。 In addition, in Chongqing cement companies to dramatically push up 50 yuan / ton, Beijing, Tianjin and leading companies publish by 50 yuan / ton。 Tip everyone, Jufeng investment adviser effort to build a micro-channel public number "poly-stock" (jugupiao) award success。 March 8, forecasting gold stocks recommended stocks Yongxin Shares (002,014) before Morning Edition disc, Weitang Industry (300707), a Thai health (000 790) and deep Huafa A (000020) strong limit!Jufeng early ginseng recommended 000-technology stocks before March 2 discs (300 624) trading days has risen 5%!March 12, evening edition gold stocks forecast by March 9th disk recommended stocks Kechuang information (300,730) strong again closed limit!Two trading days has risen%!March 13, gold stocks recommended stocks forecast Morning Edition Rui Erte, H & Q woo-woo in premarket, shares of large cold awarded limit。 Focus on micro-letters "poly shares" (Public number: jugupiao) immediately catch limit。