Jilin informed eight breaches of the spirit of the typical eight provisions of the Central

管理 / 2018-06-12

  August 27, 2017, Xi'an District, Liaoyuan City, Town lighthouse mill village committee director Xu Hongyu make arrangements for the wedding of the machine by its son, received include five low households, four poor households, including 20 villagers ten thousand yuan cash gifts。 Xu Hongyu been warning the party, returned to collect illegal gifts。
  From 2013 to 2015 by mid-November, the House of Justice Tonghua City People's Congress Working Committee, former director Li Deyue during his Tonghua City Water Conservancy Bureau deputy director, Office of the Bureau of any public Maolin false invoices ten thousand yuan arranging for nuclear Hospitality sales and other costs; use of his office, issuing illegal construction subsidies, the construction site allowance yuan; violation expert assessment fee charged 20,000 yuan, of which Li Deyue violations receive ten thousand yuan。 Li Deyue by the party a serious warning, the collection of discipline models; public Maolin subject to administrative warning。
  December 19, 2017, Changling County Safety Production Supervision Bureau member, deputy director Zhu Huanpeng by machine make arrangements for their father's funeral, illegal notify employees of the unit and some public service jobs Work Safety member of a total of 32 people attended the funeral, accepting gifts million; January 2018 22 at noon, Zhu Huanpeng accept the violation of a county fireworks distribution company legal representative Zhang dinner and drinking。 Zhu Huanpeng by the party a serious warning, removal process, return illegal to receive gifts。   Hunchun City Justice Bureau of Justice, director of Henan Wu Tai Tak problem of illegal use of official cars。
May 4, 2014, Wu Tai De problems but had been warning the party Gongchesiyong。
The evening of January 18 2018, Tai German military units without authorization to open an official car back into the community to live its own park, by the party a serious warning。
  December 30, 2017, comprehensive agricultural law enforcement team chief Gongzhuling National Agricultural Science and Technology Park Bing make arrangements for their daughter by marriage feast of entertainment machine, used his position to influence, illegal invited eight seed dealers within its regulatory scope to participate , accepting gifts ten thousand yuan。 Bing subject to administrative demerit, dismissal process, removed from law enforcement jobs, return gifts。