Clean water source over 23 billion brand value ranked first in the industry of environmental protection

管理 / 2018-06-13

Source: 2017 Eleventh China 500 list of brand value by comparison with previous years, the list, the list were the number of environmental protection enterprises and increase brand value has been significantly improved, indicates the degree of social concern in the environmental protection industry continue to increase。 Environmental protection industry as a sunrise industry, in support of national attention and policies, also in brand value rising, the market space and development opportunities will be enormous。   Clean water source as the high-tech environmental protection enterprises, has been committed to solving ecological problems "dirty water, less water, unsafe drinking water" and other areas of our country, has always been adhering to the "social responsibility, ecological civilization," the purpose of continuing its brand value with the aim to enhance the company's philosophy and strategy of innovative development are inseparable。   Innovation and development of clean water sources, especially technological innovation, enhance its brand has played a significant role in promoting。 Clean water source with great efforts of R & D investment, advanced membrane manufacturing technology and equipment, high-quality clean water source film equipment products, has opened up to MBR membrane bioreactor, MBR-DF double membrane new water technology for the core technology of water Chinese film the rule of law Road twice won the State Science and Technology progress Award second prize, access to the market highly recognized by customers。 Origin Water has built thousands of membrane water treatment projects, accounting for nearly 80% of domestic market share, the total number of large-scale MBR projects ranked first in the world。   In recent years, clean water source, whether performance, or market capitalization performance is very eye-catching, always in the leading position in the industry。 Since 2010, the clean water source landing GEM, the performance of the company has maintained a rapid growth。 2009-2016 years, the annual revenues of clean water sources increased from one hundred million to one hundred million, range or times; net profit increased from one hundred million to one hundred million, an increase of times。 At present, the clean water source assets from the initial 400,000 yuan rose to tens of billions of market capitalization now become one of China's environmental protection industry and the GEM market capitalization of the largest enterprises。
  Brand as intangible assets, is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises will create a huge market share and economic benefits。
Good brand stands for the company's good social image, high-quality products and customer trust, enhance the confidence of our customers, resulting in reputation, risk-averse。
A company's product may be copied by competitors, but its unique brand personality is, investors are more willing to invest long-term brand value good company。
  Clean water source as the innovative high-tech company with a strong sense of social responsibility and environmental protection leader, with high-quality products and services, show a strong market competitiveness, and promote the brand value continued to rise, from well-known brand of independent innovation in Zhongguancun become well-known national brand, for many years won the "water industry Top ten influential enterprises", "the most valuable brand of environmental protection equipment", "annual Excellence influential brand", "Zhongguancun most talked about brand," a source of clean water technology and products, by country government, business, social and family users trust and welcome。 Enhance brand value, clean water source is undoubtedly the catalyst for future business development and efficient。