Mouse stood wash bubble bath cute? The reason behind the sad

管理 / 2018-06-14

  [World Wide Web Roundup] Recently, a Peruvian mouse fire!It stood like a man take bubble bath video on the Internet crazy pass, like a cartoon scene, many users said with a smile than I love clean。 However, the reason behind the mouse bathing but people feel distressed。   Seen from the video, the mouse standing near the drainage hole, constantly rubbing his body foam, suddenly wiping head, wipe the body and all of a sudden, like most human beings look like a bath。
But because of the way too strange mouse taking a bath, there are users suspect that this is false, but for the lie to traffic for a time on the Internet sparked heated debate。 According to BBC News reported that 31 leading US verification and debunk rumors and hearsay site Snopes-depth investigation found that this mouse bathing video is indeed true, but many of the information is incorrect。
  Snopes found that the video does not mark time, location, but the earliest by the Peruvian DJ Kariya (JoseCorrea) upload, so presumably in Central and South America。 Kariya when users reply to a question, said the mouse was not his pet, it will go elsewhere after the video shoot foraging。
The University of Chicago biologist Karen Zell (DallasKrentzel) further finds that the protagonist of the film is not a general mouse, but distributed in pacarana Peru and Brazil border (pacarana)。
  According to president of the American Association Robbins norvegicus (KarenRobbins) saying, rodents and cats like, every day licking their fur, kept clean, under normal circumstances do not need soap and water bath。
Robbins believes that people will feel it in the bath, but we mostly animals anthropomorphic imagination。   Failing to find Shen Yun also cited Taiwan University of Helsinki (University of Helsinki) City Mouse Biology (UrbanRatBiology) researcher Yi Weiluo (TuomasAivelo) as saying, rodent grooming has always been with the mouth, this will only take a bath mouse action is very strange , the mice will not have similar behavior in the video, unless they are anxious to get rid of the body of the thing。 Yiwei Luo said it was clear that the body soap to make it feel the pain。
Users also find video evidence, we found that even with a detergent, the little mouse will still rubbing the head, not the whole body wash。