Acacia heart autumn

管理 / 2018-06-15

Yellow leaves tumble, a hundred thousand turn back。Chilling weeping, weeping and complaining。Even summer insects not with anyone unless, as if overnight disappeared。With summer unfulfilled dreams, hidden away up。The unexpected clear autumn, hugged faded red lotus flower, it seems that the roots away。Sentimental, with quiet。Lonely at night, listen to the song "Farewell", feel the grass torn distant, gentle breeze Fu Liu, as well as familiar semi-scattered sense of loss, as well as raw cold of liquor do I Huan。Homecoming, love, past a sad moved, my eyes wet。Acacia past is hidden, such as vintage wine cellars, when autumn comes, quietly open。I would think that in the fall and the autumn of my love of the past。    Me and my beautiful girl, met each other in that year Mo flowers, colorful spring。Glimpse, at first sight。Dependent hand, fall in love。Green grass, the faint woods, babbling river, under the bright moon, leaving our footprints of love and sweet double vision。Last month willow, we later the same evening, watching the dim moonlight, v. Affectionate tenderness; curtain westerly, we are dependent lean on a railing, feeling full of small building, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves; rain started falling, we hold a red paper umbrellas, Lane through the slightly wet apricot, reward misty rain, sweet love drunk……Red crisp hand, Luo Zhang Xin, full of love and sexual gratification window。Situation honestly, meaning rain。Soulmate, love Allure。Sweet, sweet, sweet。Zhijun meaning, a sense of pity slave。Haikushilan end unchanged。Thick darkness, quiet small building。Heaven on earth, thousands of miles moon。Huan Huan Huan。    However, human indifference, things change。Our sweet beauties of the flower of love, in that year that chilling weeping, clear autumn bleak autumn, the dying。I quiet flowery, beautiful and kind girl, away from me, marrying foreign land。Do not lock the high tower, sober curtain falls。Mid-autumn when hate it, the leaves were independent, and rain Yan Nanfei。I remember first saw Mo, dependent sweet sweet honey。Acacia string lute say, the moon was in, who according to clouds return。Where synthesis worry, Acacia heart autumn。Vertical Indus language is also faint。Road 天凉好个秋 all; there is the moon, fear CASTLE。Hugh past dream, Yela smoke water。Yan words go, people from thin air。Acacia moon send away。Years of reform, such as the old heart。