TCM regimen foot diseases disappear completely

管理 / 2018-06-19

The biggest advantage of all diseases totally disappeared three barefoot walking regimen of traditional Chinese medicine foot of this method is to make the soles get the opportunity to exercise。
Soles is an important part of keeping the body balanced, in almost all healthy people have strong soles。
As far as possible be stimulated during walking soles of the feet, you can also try to walk gravel road, so that five toes stick together, and can be freely separating movement, walking barefoot is a great advantage, particularly in the big toe and second toe between a gap, make walking easier up。
In order to promote good health at home should let your legs as much as possible freed from the footwear, the implementation of barefoot walking。
Four foot bath light Solarium is to improve the health of natural therapies to make a second heart known as the soles of the feet to accept the sun, you can get unexpected health effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays stimulate the soles of the feet, can promote the body's metabolism and enhance the function of internal organs, so well built up and people who implement foot solarium, summer heat stroke is not easy, not easy when the weather is nice all year round, allowing direct sunlight in outdoor soles of the feet 20 a day?30 minutes Do not the sun across the glass, because most of the ultraviolet light is absorbed by the glass。