The last three indoor 60 meters to break the Asian record Subing Why add another outbreak?

管理 / 2018-06-20

Data Figure: Beijing February 7 morning, the second leg of the station in Dusseldorf, Germany, men's 60 meters final of the IAAF indoor tournament, the Chinese trapeze Subing add six seconds to score 43, crossed the line first, he broke a few days ago in Karlsruhe created the Asian record of 47 6 seconds。 Source: Vision China this week, Chinese sprinter Tim Su Bing in Beijing resumed training system。
In the indoor season at the beginning of this year, the Guangdong guy with potential outbreak Lien Jie, only three men's 60 meters to refresh the Asian record, still on the indoor track and field world championships medals six seconds 42 won the silver medal, becoming the first on the world competition podium Chinese sprinter。 Looking to the outdoor season, Su Bing Tim confident, he wants to break a personal best 9 seconds in the 100 meter track 99。   Why add another outbreak Subing?Yesterday, he was the one reason to explain the newspaper reporters on the sidelines in training。
Su Bing Tim said, his teacher during winter training in coaching Huntington, several technical aspects were properly adjusted, "found the right 'point', then try to do the right thing, the results will naturally progress。 "Adjusting the technical details is the key Subing Tim said the early season results 'steadily high' mainly due to the winter training on the technical details have been adjusted。 He said: "open a new season, the goal is to break six seconds 50 mark, did not think these changes will make so much progress results。
"Su Bing Tim said technical adjustments include: adjusting the starting point of view, is conducive to the body after starting to open; after starting, strengthening the power of the first 15-step stomp; when the arm swing open a larger angle, bring the whole body gravity pediment。   Last October, Su Bing Tim were married in his hometown。 In late November, he returned to Beijing to start winter training, but the first month is mainly physical training and injury recovery。 In early January this year, Su Bing Tim just started speed training, "training time is short, before starting to practice the two speed classes, so I do not know what speed can reach。
"With the competition going into conduct, Su Bing Tim also getting better," seems strength, power and other aspects have the ability to strengthen a lot in the winter training, the race was manifested。 "And the time is not long special training, the most critical aspect is the technical adjustment。 For athletes who works more than ten years of professional training, has formed a strong "muscle memory", even small changes will bring immense "suffering"。 At first, Su Bing Tim Paozhaopaozhe will "true colors", but too concerned about the action would affect the rhythm, can only be run by relaxed stride and other slower-paced training methods to develop new habits slowly。
Hard work pays painstaking, after painstaking grinding, received a miraculous technical adjustments。
  In fact, this is the second time Subing Tim changed the technology。
In 2014 he had experienced significant technical adjustments, changing from running errands。 During that time, the time lying in bed Subing Tim will suddenly lift leg, wondering which leg should first force。
"I am a person of stability and change, after reaching a certain level, must change in order to continue progress。 "Tim said Subing。
The recommendations made technical adjustments to his American coach Huntington says, Su Bing Tim is a model athlete, "his attitude towards training Chinese athletes are rare, do not need the coach to spur。
"Long Jump teacher coaching for step Huntington is the United States track and field head coach of Chinese team group long jump。 Because of their head coach Yuen Kwok-keung with "great force" to the United States during winter, while he did not want to stray far from home to get married at the beginning of this winter, Su Bing Tim chose not to go abroad, it will temporarily follow Huntington training。
"He gave me great inspiration, so I changed some old ideas, making progress。 "Su Bing Tim said, although the long jump Huntington group coach, but give yourself provides a very useful hint。   This is the first time to follow the non-Subing Tim winter training sprint coach, at first some whispered his heart, I do not know how effective training。 Huntington did not impose the idea of a "temporary disciple," he said Su Bing Tim, "I suggest that you can not hear, can not adopt, but I think it would be of great help to you。 "In the beginning, Su Bing Tim recommendations for Huntington's not empathy, but rigidly executed until the start of the season, and eventually think he's got a point。   Tried and true, Su Bing Tim has been very convinced now of Huntington's suggestion, "such as adjusting the start, there are requirements for precise distance from the starting line of the foot。 Season game the first shot, I did not take a ruler, but as before with their feet about the amount of a distance, with his request may be worse twelve centimeters。 In spite of this slight gap, resulting in kicking out the moment the feeling is completely different。
After all every time I start with a ruler。 "In fact, in the history of athletics, there are many key players and the long jump and sprint, 'amphibious' Olympic champion Carl Lewis is one of the best。
Su Bing Tim said, about 50 meters long jump run-up, process and sprint almost the same, "So Huntington can give me some guidance on running action。
"Cheerful Huntington somewhat proudly, his past with too many projects, including Sprint, including Olympians," In the US, the coach will not share so fine。
For me it is very easy to do with sprinters。
"I hope to break through one hundred meters 9 seconds 99 indoor season every success for the outside world Subing Tim performance in the outdoor 100 meters of the runway look forward to more。
In this regard he said that this year's goal is still to break 9 seconds 99 results。
Meanwhile, Su Bing Tim is very optimistic about the future of China's men's sprint。
  It is understood, Su Bing Tim will go to Hong Kong two weeks of training, preparing for the outdoor season is officially open。 Not surprisingly, then, he will be May IAAF Shanghai Diamond League debut。
Su Bing Tim said himself this season, signed up a number of events, some of which will be adjusted as a buffer, "which matches the focus, but also the physical condition and I was game time。 "As for the goal, he said it hopes ran a personal best, to break their own again," ran into the 10-second barrier, break 9 seconds 99 results。 "In the indoor track and field world championships earlier this month, Tim Su Bing not only to break the Asian record of achievement and silver medals, Xie Zhen industry is to get a personal best fourth consecutive terms。 In the domestic arena, rookie Xuzhou Zheng ran out of good results this season, the fourth Asian, Chinese male athletes are generally improved performance。 "In recent years the national team for us to create a lot of opportunities, a large number of athletes training abroad to learn by participating in high-level competitions and compete against the top players, young players have been very good exercise。
"Su Bing Tim believes that the progress of China's men's sprint is a matter of course, it is as it should be," Otherwise I am sorry cultured countries。
And now the growth rate is much faster than before, according to current trends, the future of the overall level of the Chinese team will certainly be stronger。 "As for myself what the potential, 28-year-old Su Bing Tim said with a smile 'do not know'。
He said he certainly hoped to achieve better results and to whom will continue to work hard, "In the past a lot of people think that Chinese people can not break through the 10-second barrier, it is impossible ran into the top eight world championships。
Now through the efforts of these 'impossible' has come true up。
I can not say what kind of results I can still run out, but I hope the young players who we can see – if they work hard, no impossible。