Impeachment vote before the resignation of Peru "involved in corruption" President Kuczynski is prohibited on the same day of departure

管理 / 2018-06-21

  Peru to ban 21 Procuratorate has just announced the resignation of President Kuczynski departure。
Earlier in the day, Kuczynski televised speech at the presidential palace, he announced his resignation as president。
  Russian satellite news agency quoted Peru "Handelsblatt" (ElComercio) news reports, Peruvian prosecutors of making the request, is 因库琴斯基 may be related to the Brazilian construction giant Oder Albrecht Group (OdebrechtOrganization) corruption case。
  December 2017, Kuczynski This is accused of involvement in a corruption scandal in Brazil's construction company。 Peruvian congressional committee received testimony washing action to investigate former executives of the company, confirmed in 2004 and 2007 Kuczynski any Peruvian Minister of Economy, Finance Minister and Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Chairman of the Board of Directors during the Private Investment Promotion Agency, which is in charge of Western field capital (WestfieldCapital) and capital One (FirstCapital) were raised to accept the Oder Albrecht's $ million and $ 4.05 million in bribes to obtain approval of the project。   Kuczynski firmly denied, said in his defense to join the government, its business entrusted to a manager that he knew nothing about the two companies and Brazilian companies contracts and bribery。
Peruvian Congress decided to hold a presidential impeachment referendum to decide the fate of President Kuczynski。   According to the original agenda, the Peruvian Congress will be held March 22 presidential impeachment debate and final vote。
If the impeachment no fewer than 87 members support, Kuczynski will step down。 And one day, Kuczynski himself announced his resignation on live TV before the impeachment vote。 Peruvian Congress March 22 will review the decision to resign Kuczynski submitted his resignation parliamentary parties initially agreed。
  It is reported that the direct cause, leading to the resignation of Kuczynski, the Peruvian Congress on the eve of presidential impeachment vote, opposition members said the government ministers and opposition lawmakers to support the government's bribe in exchange for voting against the impeachment vote。
  Currently he holds the post of first vice-president Mading Wei Scala or Congress will be sworn in March 23, becoming the country's new president。