80% of people have a misunderstanding of the nap, especially the first three too dangerous!(1)

管理 / 2018-06-22

  As we all know, sleep and diet are the two magic regimen。
Speaking of sleep, without mentioning。Summer hot weather, most people will sleep, therefore, take a nap becomes more important, especially in the elderly。  Appropriate not only it helps improve the spirit, but also to reduce coronary heart disease, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases。
But if it is "sleeping wrong", the harm is not small!  It is good, but nearly 80% of the population have a nap there are errors, not only greatly reduced the quality of sleep, but also hazardous to health!  "Do not think that the longer the better sleep。Because sleep a long time, people will enter deep sleep, wake up often feel uncomfortable。"Shiyan City Chinese Medicine Hospital experts said Meng Biao。  So how long we go, what do other note 1.Time and duration of long hours in the state, is the most convenient to add energy, rapid method, but if sleep too long, will have a negative impact。  In sleep the night before a more adequate case, if the time is over one hour, people tend to enter deep sleep may cause sleep inertia, like awake, such as: bleary-eyed, groggy, unable to fully mobilize the thinking, but also cause so weak, the more sleep the more tired of the state。
  [Proposed] long time about 20 minutes about the best, most effective 13:00, belongs to nap, helps the body to quickly restore energy, improve alertness, rapid and efficient input "quick charge" type of work。  2.Precautions after meals, gastrointestinal motility will speed up the body's blood will be a lot of focus to the digestive system, decrease the amount of oxygen to the brain, prone sleepy。  But if it is to sleep immediately after a meal, for the digestive system, it can easily lead to indigestion, induced gastritis, may also cause gastroesophageal reflux, causing reflux esophagitis; may also be caused due to insufficient blood supply to the brain after waking up dizzy swelling, weakness and other symptoms。  [Proposed] after dinner, suggest a little walk around or stand around, then about 20 minutes after a meal。  3.The best choice for the best sleeping position lying way。
If the tummy sleeping, the health risks are very large。
  ① eye health damage。When tummy sleeping, eye pressure, increased intraocular pressure, it is likely to cause a long time after waking temporary blurred vision; if intraocular pressure is too high, it may cause glaucoma。
  ② harm spine。
The body's normal spine from the side should be "S" shape, but easily hunched tummy sleeping, the spine becomes "C" shaped, with head down on, it will put pressure on the lumbar, thoracic, cervical unevenly distributed , spinal damage。
  ③ affect breathing。
Hanxiong hump is not conducive to open the lungs, respiratory obstruction, it can cause hypoxia, especially people suffering from coronary heart disease more likely to cause difficulty in breathing。
  ④ lead to obesity。Desk and sleep, curled up like a belly-like, squeezing in one, will increase the symptoms of indigestion, food can not be promptly converted into energy, it will lead to obesity。  [Proposed] at home when, as far as possible in bed or on the couch。
But for the office who can lunch break in the back cushion pad, a semi-recumbent position, to reduce lung, compression face。  4.Location Summer high temperatures, ventilation corridor, opposite the port and the air conditioning fan, although cool, but also very easy to cause colds, headaches, joint and muscle pain and other diseases, severe cases may also cause facial paralysis。
  [Proposed] sleep state, the body's pores will be in the open position, body resistance will be reduced, should avoid sleeping in the vents, for poor physical people, when you can cover thin blanket on the abdomen, to prevent cold。
  Fives.Note woke up suddenly get up, body odor can cause blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular very unfavorable; in addition, there will be a lot of people after rapid heartbeat and feeling, so after waking up must not get up fast。  [Proposed] in the elderly after waking up, be sure to get up slowly。
Sit up straight after 30 seconds stand up, stand up and have to wait 30 seconds before you can start activity。Can light rejection and arm massage, have a good effect to alleviate pain and restore a sense of sobriety。