Uterine fibroids how conditioning diet things to do

管理 / 2018-06-23

In the first year of amenorrhea, and sometimes occasional vaginal bleeding。 As menopause more than 1 year have vaginal bleeding after menopause is known as bleeding。
Postmenopausal bleeding for many reasons, most cases are caused by benign disease, but it must not be ignored cervical cancer, endometrial cancer may be, although sometimes not much bleeding。
3, abdominal pain, ovarian tumor torsion, rupture or infections, submucosal fibroids from the uterus cervix prolapse or fibroid degeneration, can cause more severe abdominal pain。
4, the tumor can be grown in any parts of the genital。
Generally I stumbled。
These masses even without any symptoms, is an abnormal phenomenon, most of a tumor。 5, diet changes and urine of ovarian cancer may be only the initial performance bloating, anorexia, and gastrointestinal symptoms, tumor compression or violation of the bladder and rectum can cause frequent urination, dysuria, dry stool。
When the above symptoms, the patient should be timely treatment, can not tolerate the light due to the negative symptoms was observed that delaying treatment。
But be aware of the symptoms are not specific to a tumor, is still mostly caused by benign disease, patients do not have to worry too much about。 6, under normal circumstances, abnormal vaginal secretions, endometrium, endocervical and vaginal secretions vaginal exudate formed, generally are small, and the menstrual cycle。
When the female reproductive tract tumors, tumor necrosis, ulceration, watery, bloody and rice soup-like vaginal discharge may occur, such as associated with infection, can smell。
Abnormal vaginal discharge may be cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, or fallopian tube cancer performance。 Advice to patients with uterine fibroids uterine fibroids how conditioning 1, keeping the vulva clean, dry, wide undergarment should。 If excessive vaginal discharge, should pay attention to any washing the vulva。 2, to prevent fatigue, menstrual particular need to pay attention to rest。
3, eat more vegetables, fruits, Eat spicy food。 4, after diagnosed with uterine fibroids, should go to the hospital once a month。
Slowly increases as fibroids or has not been increased, can be reviewed once months; significant increase such as, surgery should be considered, to avoid severe bleeding or compression abdominal viscera。
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