A set of circumstances: Saudi afternoon basically out of Egypt must Sike Russia!

管理 / 2018-06-24

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 15: Group A first round 2018 World Cup group stage just ended, Uruguay 1-0 lore Egypt。Prior to the end of the opener 5-0 victory over host Russia Saudi Arabia, the current points situation in Group A are Russia and Uruguay have three points, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are plot 0。Round group match will be against Russia under Egypt, and Saudi Arabia against Uruguay。Russia's outstanding performance in the first battle beyond people's expectations, but overall Uruguay's overall strength is still the strongest in this group。Considering the difference in strength between Saudi Arabia and Uruguay is large, the next round of Uruguay only need to play a normal level, it should be no problem to defeat Saudi Arabia。In that case Uruguay will be able to get six points, which can ensure the group stages, the final round of the face of Russia only need to top the group to fight。By comparison, Saudi Arabia has been very dangerous situation, the next round if they lose to Uruguay will face two-game losing streak, then it will be an early goodbye to the World Cup Basic。Saudi Arabia wants to score points but easier said than done in Uruguay body, this Asian team is likely to be embarrassed to become the World Cup's first support group out of team。 While Egypt lost in the first round group after the game, the next group match against Russia becomes critical。Egypt must beat Russia in order to grasp the initiative in qualifying。Egypt's top players want to be back from injury Salah, as if Egypt will be greatly increased hope of winning, after all, the game in the absence of Salah, Egypt pushed to the last minute to Uruguay。If Russia can beat Egypt in the next round, you can win the group ahead of a。Although not as good as in the FIFA ranking Russian Egypt, but as the host give them extra motivation and morale。But, if the next round of Uruguay victory over Saudi Arabia, Russia and defeated Egypt, then Uruguay and Russia will be ahead of the group stages, while the final round of the Egyptian Islamic civil war against Saudi Arabia will become meaningless。