A miner father, trained in the history of Spain's most underrated superstar!

管理 / 2018-06-25

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 21: 21th World Cup in Russia are engaged in fierce。The first round group stage, favorites Spain and Portugal battle 3-3, missed the opener。Second World War and Iran, 1-0 win over Spain。Costa broke two games in a row, after David Villa became Spain, the first to have this performance in the World Cup players。Eight years ago the World Cup, Spain opener 0-1 loss to Switzerland, but they eventually go all the way, won the championship!Villa yearned to be able to help the Spanish team to break the enemy in the game, but he is old…… 36-year-old Villa is now the United States kicked League, not to the scene to cheer for the former teammates。But Villa still fiery hot heart, football, life, full of hope for the future。[Villa Roundup: from pawns to second division 400 balls beast, when the world's sixth God!King Kong hoist baby Recently, Villa published a personal letter titled "To my father (my father)" at the Players Championship Forum (Forum players), sincere words, with sincere emotion about his way football。In the letter, Villa emphasis silently thanked his father for many years to pay。A simple scene, a sentence of ordinary speech, and sketched out a deep love for his son fatherly, people moving。The following is the full text of the compiler: In my home, there is such a story, my mother has been swears it's true。In Spain, there is a small town 名叫图伊拉 (Tuilla), where is my hometown。Time back in 1981, my mother discovered she was pregnant。Because the family has had a girl, so father wanted a second child is also a girl, so two children can play together。However, after they go to the hospital, confirmed the womb is a boy。Dad restraint inner disappointed after learning the result, he said the first thing is this: "A boy ah!He will become a Captain Tsubasa!"Daddy, I was born is a special moment。He was a fan before he can be at home only, mother and sister three people, there is no second person and he can talk things football。He felt bitter force, he urgently needs a "like-minded" people。By Villa he can not wait, do not want to waste a minute。In the doctor's office, he probably thought well give me what kind of football curriculum。You might think my father was a weirdo, but if you are familiar with his daily life will come to a different conclusion。And most of the men Tuyi La, he is also a mine work。For so many years, he had hard labor in a mine, mine is that we support the main industry of the town to survive。Each long night, he would get to the bottom is 800 meters away sweat。It was with his pay, our family can function properly。It was a very difficult and dangerous work。One day, at that time I was just a baby, mine had an accident, the fire spread quickly, very scary。When I woke up, we learned that he had escaped from the mine。Thank goodness。After returning home, he told us how he fled the flames, who had helped him。But, not everyone is so lucky, many people could not escape。They were trapped underground for several days, finally, some people were rescued, while others died, unable to come out alive。Why my father risked his life to go to work?He did everything for the family, he wanted to give us a better life。If he did not, how could I play in future in Valencia, Barcelona or Atletico Madrid?Of course, I would not have won the World Cup, he will not join the same club in New York City。These is not even more serious: If he does not, I can not even run like a normal person。This may sound like a joke, but it is indeed true。Without my father, my one leg shorter than the other one leg。Next, I will immediately give everyone talk about this story…… ****** Tuyi La is an industrial town, most of the residents are workers。However, this is a fun-filled land, population density, many children。Childhood made me very Hi skin, so I refuse to use anything to exchange my childhood。I lived in a small apartment, often have friends and relatives come to my house to house。A child, I would love to play。Unfortunately, my mother does not allow me to play real football at home, because I'd made that smashes home。So, I wrapped in paper with tape, made a ball of paper, enjoy a different kind of fun at home。Hey, I think I was in that shot technology will be improved。With those big cities are not the same, Tu Yila not a standard football field。My friends and I can only develop its own space。So, we are free, anytime, anywhere to play。Streets, squares, parking lots, uneven grass and so on, these places have left our shadow。Imagine the memories of that bygone era, and I did not even suspect Tuyi La is a place we have not played ball in the above。4 years old that year, I was certain there was an accident at the time of a play, a big kid pressure in my body。I still remember the pain that piercing。I was immediately taken to hospital, the doctor gives a diagnosis: fracture of my right thigh。I was too young, not good bone development, leading to such a situation: in order to cure it, I can only accept a shorter treatment regimen legs of a leg。My God, I'm going crazy, but had to nod。Obviously, this is like a bolt from the blue, almost makes me pro broken dreams!Father did not give up, he tried a variety of methods, ask a lot of people, hoping to cure my legs。Hard work pays off, one day, he met a doctor, the doctor is very common, he is quite accomplished on the gravity medicine。Under the guidance of the doctor, I was lying in the hospital every day, one leg hanging in the air。Under the action of gravity, leg bones to normal healing。For a 4-year-old child, this is a very painful process, and time-consuming long。But for their own life, I can only be patient。For that period of time, I remember almost nothing, perhaps because it was too boring day。One leg hanging in the air every day, naturally, nothing can be recalled。These things are the parents later told me。Moment when I was allowed to leave the bed, it feels like a bird flying out of the cage, I can not wait to re-kick the ball。At first, my right leg was also fixed with plaster, unable to move。So I go to the corner limping, leaning against the house。At this time, my father would throw the football under my left foot。I kicked the ball back with his left foot, he threw me again, again and again, again and again。Now, many people will analyze my game, they unanimously praise my left foot shot effort are excellent。So, life is fair。Even the worst moments, you can also have a positive harvest。You should know it?In my past years, the father was the most influential person to me。From a certain perspective, he is not only my father, but my friend。He took me to the train, to see me play, then take me home。We inseparable。Day blackened or muddy roads, I would not want to train, then my father would encourage me and give me strength。When the weather is cold, he would warm up the car early, when I was in the car, the car has a hot。Without his guidance, I probably would have lost。I deeply feel that my success is not because I have more effort or more powerful, but because of his presence。****** My mother is a housewife。When his father go out, she would spend a lot of time with my side。Her efforts to take care of us, took us to school……She never felt tired。She was like a champion, what are doing well。My father and mother, all of them gave me。I also had a son, Luca, he is still small, how I wish many years later he recognized his father in the same mood – that is, my friends。Father, in order to understand parental love。My father is my idol, my role model。At work in the mine, he ate a lot of pain, but he always looks happy。Over the years, he said most of the words is to me: "Shaoyueduozuo。"" If a person only talent, destined to accomplish nothing。"He taught me:" You must struggle hard every day。"I will never forget his teachings。My life to join the first team named Langreo (Langreo), Asturias region is the third-best team, behind Sporting Gijon and Oviedo。My father always said that I do not like other people, he praised me is different。I did not know he was so in the final analysis because I was just really great for me because he loved。Obviously, these two reasons are not。Alternatively, both have so little maybe, who knows。At that time, I was about 16 years old, is very simple, just want to simply enjoy the fun of football。When Sporting Gijon wanted to sign me, my mentality has changed。I realize I may have to Apprentice, because I was about to join a team of professional players train。Soon, Sporting Gijon and they invited me to train with the second team。That's my dream, because the two teams Sporting Gijon in Spain is the third level league a team。However, this time there is a problem put in front of me: they are training in the morning, and I'm going to school in the morning。I was after school aims to become an electrician。Cake and eat it, can not have both, I had to give up one of the。So, I have to make a decision。Deep down, I wanted to be a professional player。In addition, my father wanted me to do。Next, we just need to convince my mother on the line。Sporting Gijon two teams in training, I almost can not get money。So, my mother did not want me to drop out of school。I can not immediately become a professional player, you need the money, I have to wait and。So, I said to my mother: "Mom, please give me 2–3 years, then I'll be able to feed themselves。If at that time I slip of the tongue, I promise I'll go back to school。"In the world of football, we often hear this story。Yes, I think so too。If I still get nowhere at age 22, I went back to school。But, thank God, I did not encounter that kind of dilemma。Just six months later, I signed a personal first professional contract。A dream come true that day, went to the office with me and Sporting Gijon brokers。Brokers always talk to me about the money thing, but I was too excited, there is no time to care treatment issues。To tell the dig pit of the stomach, no matter what they gave me a contract, I will sign the。Under normal circumstances, the two teams are very few people look at the game, that player's parents or relatives in addition to。However, the two teams Sporting Gijon seem unusual, this is an extraordinary team。When I played Sporting Gijon two teams first show, I was stunned, stadium filled with people, 3,000 people to attend the game。I feel a great pressure。It was the first time I felt the pressure of playing time。They impressed me very strongly。I mean, I was not prepared。A professional player to be in front of thousands of fans to play, but I have not prepared for that, you know what I mean?Professional players have to do a lot of things, like talking in front of the media, to understand world affairs, running around all over the world……I'm just a miner's son from Tuyi La。Before the age of 18, I did not even flown。When I took the opportunity to go along with the team of Las Palmas, I am pleased to bad。****** Not long after, I entered a team of Sporting Gijon。At that time, Sporting Gijon are still second-level league of hard work。To celebrate my promoted to a team, my parents came to see me play live, the entire family, even those uncles and cousins are coming。Accompanied by family members about feeling really good。However, all this changed in 2003。This year, I move to Zaragoza。After two weeks, my girlfriend and I got married, her name is Patricia, our school when he met。When married, they were both 21 years old。Now, we go to a new city, and away from family。From Gijon, you get all the way east to open five hours by car to get to Zaragoza。Believe me, it is really a difficult time。Before Javier Soriano / AFP / Getty Images, we never left their parents。Now, I want away from home in La Liga campaign。Each week, I have to go all out on me because Zaragoza put a lot of money。During that time, I got the help of many people, including his wife Patricia, my parents, her parents, my brothers and sisters – each with my close people。It all happened too fast, like a dream。Before a half years, I still Gijon street and play with partners。And now, I have to in the game and Ronaldinho, Roberto – Carlos, Zidane played against such a superstar。I start in Zaragoza is not ideal, resulting in many local media reporters have asked me to get out。But then coach Paco – Flores (帕弗洛雷斯) tells me confident。Then, I started scoring goals。After the end of the season, I was the team's leading scorer, scored a total 17 goals。One day, brokers said to me: "If you can maintain the current state, sooner or later there will be a better team for you to buy, and buy out your contract。"Well, buyout clause?I am a bit ignorant。At that time, I did not know what the hell buyout clause。Contract when my only concern two aspects: the annual salary and number of years。So, I asked a broker, what is the buy-out clause。"2 million euros。"what?I looked at him blankly。It appears that he was not joking。I think to myself, "no one's……Ah, certainly not someone will dig the money 。"This is really I was feeling, I think this is not true, I do not think they value so much money。(However, two years later, Valencia really so dry)。Again, it all changes so fast。The scene should be the most unreal thing that happened in February 2005, I will never forget。Day training class, these guys quietly out of the stadium。I have one left to practice free-kick, and suddenly they do not know where to come, all ran towards me。I do not know why they do it。Group of people, there is a media director in Zaragoza, in his hand a red dress, that dress looks I was a kid and had worn a dress like。Next, mystery unveiled。I was petrified。I kept shaking his head。This scene, too unreal, a little fake……I know, I scored a lot of goals in that time; I also know that there are a lot of fans called for me to move into the national team; I also know that the media often mention my name。But, really, I really do not believe this will become a reality。Villa entered the Spanish national team?I went, it was my childhood fantasy of doing a similar dream ah。You should know that I love the two clubs in when young, are Sporting Gijon and Barcelona。However, I never have had only a shirt, it is the Spanish national team jersey。On that shirt, no number, no name, it represents the entire Spanish team。My biggest dream is to wear this jersey for the national team through the clutter。But, like I said, it was just a dream I think that's never realized……Now, I froze at the stadium, and did not know how to do。Media director of the Spanish team took the jersey walked in front of me。In these circumstances, this life did not forget。"Congratulations。"He said to me:" You have been recruited into the national team。"They even brought a photographer, and took particular moment I was wearing the national team jersey。I would say, play for your country is my life experienced the greatest thing。More to the point, the national team when I was very young, only 23 years old……Looked at the front of all, you will feel yourself moving too fast。There are national team Raul, Morientes such a superstar……A few years ago, I looked at them heroic, secretly angry: "I hope I could be like them。"And now, I want a dressing room with them at the。Antonio Calanni / AP Photo happened to me in the national team debut in 2005, February 9, World Cup qualifying, opponents San Marino。Then coach Luis Aragones is, in this world there are a lot of people gave me a great help, he is one of them。Here, I wish he can rest in peace in heaven。We will always remember him。On the first training session, he said to me, "Take out your performance in Zaragoza to, make yourself at home, that's the reason I called you to come。"After the game started, I sat on the bench。I continue to look forward to and pray, you should know what I'm talking about in my heart。"Maybe he'll let me in the last 10 minutes when the slip up lap。"However, in the five minutes before half-time, physical trainer suddenly let me do warm-up。In addition, he did not say anything。Subsequently, the half time, Aragones stopped me。"You can now debut。"He said:" When the second half began, you just played。So, you better take advantage of the next warm-up adjust their status。"My God!Happiness come as a surprise。I can guarantee that this life I have not done better than that of the warm-up。****** In 2006, when we fully prepare for the World Cup, some discordant voices take out。People take past achievements that matter, they say that we have never reached the semi-finals in the World Series。In the European Cup, we did not have 22 years to enter the semi-finals。In the World Cup, we are in mid 1950 and then failed to semi-finals。In so many failures, I was most impressed this time is the following: Henri Szwarc / Bongarts / Getty Images1994年世界杯, Spain met Italy in the quarter-finals。That game is very tragic, and I remember Louis – Enrique jersey to red with blood, Mauro – were severing the nose Tassotti。When you see it all the time, I cried, very sad, not only because Spain lost the game, but also because Enrique has always been my idol。The 2006 World Cup, we played very well in the group stage。Unfortunately, we eventually lost to France, they are more experienced than us。Growth is a price to pay, I believe that this failure will help us prepare for Euro 2008。However, many people do not recognize our style, they constantly spoke these words: "You can play beautiful football, but you never gonna get title。"Maybe they're right, so the story has always played pretty football championship and perhaps contrary to。In 2008 the European Cup, we once again met Italy。We want to name the beautiful football, so it was a can not lose the game。That game, we played better。However, when the penalty shootout arrived, reporters have begun to draft written: "Spain played good, but they fell on the penalty spot。"I guess the media is how to think。However, it does not matter。I first go penalty。It reminds me of my first game at Sporting Gijon Rosso。At that time, I realized how important a good attitude for the players to grow, you must have a big heart to resist pressure。I believe there are many more talented players than me, but they did not dare go first penalty, because they lack the hardness of the kind of compression。When we finally beat Italy, tell you the truth, I'm excited, it feels like to win the same。For us, as important as this victory and the championship trophy。Because we rewrote the story ends。Almost everyone agrees that a long preordained outcome!We are rewritten!****** Next, we won the European Cup, and this win also changed the mentality of our participation in the 2010 World Cup。We are more relaxed, we know how to unite and win the championship, we are afraid of nobody。The first time, we feel that he is really popular first win。We were a bit smug。So, we lost the first game。We were defeated Switzerland 1-0, which is tantamount to face was beaten a slap in the face。Many say we pass too much, to improve the defense, but I beg to differ, I even think it is one of the best matches we played。We shot a total of 24 feet, we also firmly occupy the possession。But, lucky not quite right, but the ball across the goal line is。The result is hard to digest。But it has happened, it makes us realize that we no return, we can no longer make mistakes。The second group match, our opponents are Chilean team, is crucial。I still remember that scene, Chile goalkeeper (Note: Bravo) kicked the ball at my feet, I direct Mianduikongmen, but I am a full 45 yards from the goal (Note: 41.4 meters) away。Get the ball, I do not stay with his left foot shot directly。After the game, I looked at goals video, I thought, "God, if I can put the ball right foot and then shot, then adjust the probability will be even greater goals。"God forbid, that the ball got into the net。But then why would I do it?(Note: refers to ultra long-range shooting) I think that this is the right instinct。You were born with this ability。Happened so fast, a split, you do not have more time to consider。Many times, you just ball into the box, you'll try to shoot。However, when you watch the video after the game and re-think, reflect on, "I should not have shot at that place, I should be a little closer to more places and then shot。"but……The amount you have already done those in the field, and those are the instinctive reaction of your mind。Whenever possible, you should strive to learn to keep yourself calm。Once you into a frenzy, you can not enter so many ball。To me, this truth is particularly reflected。When I lost my cool, I will be very easy to lose the ball, breakthrough will be blocked。So, I kept telling myself: "You have to seize an opportunity, at least once。"So, every opportunity in front of me, I can handle it cool。Into the knockout, the opponent is very strong, so you will stay an eye, focus on other matches are held, in order to know which team you want to kick yourself for the next round。However, the World Cup in South Africa, we do not care about those too。Really, we are so confident, self-confidence to metamorphosis。This is not no brain of blind arrogance, but from the inherent belief。It is so strange: you do not even know why he's confident fans, but you just dare go so confident。****** final, the Netherlands and we have to fight extra time。It was in that case, I have not the least bit shaken, I believe we will win。But, honestly, I think we will win in the penalty shootout。On the bench, our goalkeeper coach has already begun to prepare the penalty shootout。Then, Iniesta stood out, he scored a goal……Well, you can imagine the scene completely out of control, we rushed out of the bench。Gem Samad / AFP / Getty Images Andres Iniesta's goal is that most of my career Hi skin of time, it is beyond doubt。Although it is not part of my personal highlight moment, but it allows us to obtain numerous predecessors in Spanish history have never done achievements。To make this feeling even more perfect, I rushed to the stands after the game, and hugged his family, they are all there。Everything is like a dream。We all seem to live in a dream, that these are artifacts。Until you return to Spain, we really felt the kind of glory。In South Africa, the Spaniards are not many。However, when we arrived in Madrid, the whole country cheering for us to celebrate。At that moment, I feel we have to get a new trophy。Eight years later, still my heart kind of excitement and joy。For many people, that are not erase the memories。Even in New York (Note: The current residence Villa), some people will still chatted those things from those who。"Thank you scored 5 goals。"(Help: that World Cup, David Villa, Thomas – Mueller, who have scored five goals, but Muller assists more, so finally gave Mueller the Golden Boot)" Please convey to the Iniesta our thanks。"****** I am now 36 years old。I had not seen the World Cup on television, but in the future it will become the norm。But, I will not feel sorry, because I have for the country participated in three World Cup。I feel very happy。I have just as humble little guy, my father allowed me to sail Dream。Time, ah, you go slowly。Now, I fear the day of arrival: I can not play like this now, I can not run, my serious state of decline, I realized that I had to leave football。This is what I strive to do everything, and I take seriously every training session, and strictly control their diet, rigorous analysis of every detail。I know that day will come sooner or later, but I want it delayed the more the better。Before it arrives, I will continue to play my way。I will continue to add new things in my game。If only a man of talent, destined to accomplish nothing。You must struggle hard every day。This is a wise man once my education。Thank you, dad。