Azar high-profile prediction will win the Belgian Tintin: Are you waiting to be shovel it

管理 / 2018-06-25

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 13 reports: Tomorrow, the World Cup will officially kicks off。"European Red Devils" Belgian-form, the core team Azar performance of the team is confident。Yesterday, he was drying on the social networks out of a World Cup, he predicted the results chart (from the group stage through to the final winner), he believes Belgium will eventually beat England in the final to become champion。However, Belgian midfielder brain Debu Lao or low-key good reminder of Adjara。Last season, Azar in good shape。Despite Chelsea's record is not ideal, but his number of data have reached a career best。A recent warm-up match, Adjara and the Belgian team's performance is very good。The last game, Belgium defeated Costa Rica 4-1。27-year-old Azar say the era belong to Belgium to come, he made a bold prediction about the prospects for the World Cup in Belgium。He believes that Belgium will successfully win the group, and will meet with Poland in the 1/8 finals。Then, in Belgium in the quarter-finals will encounter powerful Brazil。Semi-final opponents France Belgium。Final, Belgium will clash with England。Finally, Belgium will successfully king。This is the prediction of Belgium Azar outlook。Belgium squad with a number of world-class players, gaming companies out of their odds to win 1 lose 10, while England's odds of winning are 1 lose 16。 Azar predicted World Cup semi-finals are Belgium, England, France and Argentina。Yesterday's warm-up match, Azar "deliberately" stole the ball teammate Carrasco, controversial。Past World Series, the Belgian team infighting broke out several times, hoping that they can unite in fighting this time。Azar Belgium confident, he believes he can resolve the fighting with the breakthroughs and goals, but within Debu Lao reminds him that the World Cup is not so simple。"You have to be ready, you have to stay calm。If you are in good shape, the opponent will be eyeing you, you constantly shovel。Azar is one such player, every game has a lot of people around him, he will be very easy to shovel。"The prospects for Belgium, within Debu Lao very cautious:" I do not know if we will play better, that when you look at it。Our goal is not every game into 4-5 balls, we just want to win every game, the score is not the point。There will certainly be many difficulties, you have to calmly deal。"