Beijing media reviews Japan's first victory: although the win but left a shameful side of

管理 / 2018-06-28

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 19 report: After Japan's 2-1 victory over Colombia, many media have published their reviews, including "Beijing Evening News"。They believe that although Japan win, but left a shameful side of。The following is the "Beijing Evening News" long microblogging text: Local just-concluded 2018 World Cup in Russia?Group game, the Japanese team in the case of a multi-person, 2 to 1 victory over the Columbia team, won the first group stage win。But the Japanese players Eiji Kawashima, also in the game, leaving a shameful record。 After just three minutes, in the Colombian defender Carlos Sanchez restricted area handball, red card please playing outside。Ultimately, officially recognized the red card occurred at 3 minutes and 14 seconds, which is the single-game history of the second fastest red card in World Cup appearance。Japan No. 10 Kagawa kick broke to help the Japanese team to get a good start。Quintero free kick to tie the score, Harding Park half, temporarily Colombia 1-1 Japan。The first 39 minutes, Colombia in the right kick opportunity frontier closed area, Quintero direct free kick from the center, the ball just fleeing into the lower right corner of the net nest from the slot off the wall, although the Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima saved a ball but the ball has crossed the line, 1 to 1。Just after the ball had clearly more goal line, the Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima intends to dial out the ball outside the line, he was holding the ball, while walking, while the right hand index finger to indicate to the referee that the ball did not enter。The goal is very clear, both in video playback, or the ball through the built-in chip technology, can be clearly determined, the ball goals effectively。Who ignores the referee no unreasonable demands Eiji Kawashima, but Eiji Kawashima This has obviously deceptive, for himself and for the Japanese team have left an inglorious sum。As we all know, the World Cup using goal-line technology and built-in chip technology, the goal or not, there is no miscarriage of justice。Nevertheless Eiji Kawashima very clear that he is to set aside the ball go outside the line, still attempting to act in a dishonest profit。This is inconsistent with the spirit of fair competition, it can not erase the shameful record。73 minutes, a large force Japanese players Yong header, lock the score 2 to 1。This is the World Cup history, the Asian team's first win against South American teams。The game, the Japanese team win in luck, committed a stupid mistake in the penalty area Colombian defender Carlos Sanchez, the Japanese team won a number of advantages, and the final victory。