US Chinese agents in Northern California US Attorney to the first ethnic Chinese to hold that office

管理 / 2018-07-02

Last November Xie Zhenjiang (in) at a press conference announced the indictment of nine party Sunuo Ma County Hells Angels gang members engaging in organized criminal activity。
San Francisco FBI the right to sub-Secretary Ban Garrett。
(United States, "World News" data plan) overseas online January 9, according to the US "World News" reported that the US-Chinese Xie Zhenjiang (AlexTse) local time Xie Zhenjiang is the chief assistant in the history of the federal prosecution service first Chinese federal prosecutors in Northern California, 7 Japan has served on behalf of the federal Attorney General。
(United States, "World News" / Li Xiulan photo) across the United States Federal Attorney appointed by the President。 Over the past many examples show, often formally appointed chief prosecutor after taking over on behalf of the Attorney General, has just resigned flexor Greek history is made on behalf of the Attorney General in 2016 to become an official attorney general, access to the former president's appointment。
4, the Federal Minister of Justice Sexin Si announced that it will revoke a provision in the Obama either, instead resume enforcement of federal non-marijuana bill in the United States, and for the legalization of marijuana by the states, including California,。
That same day the Greek history Qu decided to resign with effect from 7。
Qu Greek history and no external reasons to explain the sudden resignation, said it would join the San Francisco law firm transferred to private lawyers。
Qu Greek history since September 2015 served on behalf of the Attorney General, promoted worked with him for many years as chief assistant prosecutor Xie Zhenjiang。 Korean past had served as chief assistant prosecutor, Xie Zhenjiang is the second Asian, first Chinese-American to hold that office。 2016 History Qu Xi (left) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Justice announced a comprehensive review of the San Francisco police enforcement policy, the late mayor Li Mengxian (in front) also attended。 (United States, "World News" / Li Xiulan photo) reported that federal prosecutors at the headquarters of Northern California in San Francisco, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Justice to prosecute federal offenses in the Bay Area and California north to the border area。 Xie Zhenjiang Northern California in mid-1994 to join the federal prosecution service service, in mid-2006 to join the San Francisco City Attorney。
2012 return to federal prosecution service, until September 2015 promoted to chief assistant prosecutor。
Xie Zhenjiang grew up in Seattle, his father from China, his mother was born in California。
After high school, Xie Zhenjiang leave Seattle to the Bay Area to college, get a degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Xi Siting Law School Law Degree。
Xie Zhenjiang in the Federal Prosecution Service and the San Francisco City Attorney services for over 23 years and has held various executive positions, including as director of the Federal Prosecution Service of Civil Procedure, presided over another gang injunctions and litigation in the city attorney offices。