Happy Basketball!Harden believes the Rockets championship team this year has been perfect?

管理 / 2018-07-03

  Beijing on March 1, according to US media reports, the Houston Rockets star headed James – Harden said in an interview with confidence that this is the time to turn to the Rockets win。   "It is this year, for sure。
"Harden said of expectations for the Rockets this season。   Rockets the league's best record is 47 wins and 13 losses, leading the second half of the Warriors wins。
The Rockets are now in a wave of 13-game winning streak, which is the second-longest winning streak in their season。
  Rockets lineup this structure is very good, and the record reflects everything, Harden in the interview also said that this team is the best team he worked at the。
  "The team management, Daryl – Morey and Ted Brown – who completed the incredible work。 "Harden said," From the beginning of last season, the introduction of Eric – Gordon and Ryan – Anderson。 Then this season, and the introduction of Chris – Paul Tucker and Ba Mote, then there is Steven Gerrard – Green and Joe – Johnson。
"" This is probably the best team I worked at, from top to bottom。 We have chemical reactions, including the coaching staff, I mean, we are very happy。