A broad bean escort for your health

管理 / 2018-07-04

  Southern Black Sea origin, also known as Strictosidine。 Nutrient-rich, especially phosphorus and vitamin content is relatively high, the general reach of dried beans。
According to the analysis, in 100 g of beans, 217 mg of phosphorous, 0.15 mg carotene, vitamin B10.33 mg of vitamin C12 and other nutrients mg。 Beans or low-calorie foods。
100 g beans can produce heat 1444 kJ, lower than other legumes。
So the beans are obese lose weight and suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular system of the patient health food。 Beans and sweet, flat, spleen stomach fast, laxative effect swelling。
With the governance of urination, kidney edema。   Anticancer effects of detoxification spleen dampness water swelling anti-cancer anti-cancer retard vitamin C ^ delay arteriosclerosis atherosclerosis。
  Cholesterol lowering skin coarse fibers have lower cholesterol and promote the effect of peristalsis。   Anti-cancer is one of the anti-cancer foods, have a role in preventing colon cancer。
  Spleen Qi Traditional medicine can Spleen Qi, dampness swelling。
  If you are considering to cope with brain or a mental worker, proper eating may have some effect。 Brain function adjust beans contain important brain and nerve tissue calcium, zinc, manganese, phospholipids, and rich in alkali gallstones, there enhance memory。   Calcium to promote bone growth, is conducive to calcium absorption and bone calcification, can promote human bone growth and development。
  The protein content of prevention of cardiovascular disease in rich and does not contain cholesterol, can increase the food, the prevention of cardiovascular disease。