Australian bride shot dead in the United States arising from either the police charged with murder

管理 / 2018-07-05

  According to sources, 40-year-old Sydney woman Justin is a yoga teacher, July 15, 2017, she call alarm call is located in Minneapolis apartment, she said she believed there near the house they live woman violations, hope You can get help。 Police Hallett (MatthewHarrity) and Noor to the scene, but then the scene in a shooting police report。
Although the police attempted to rescue, but Justin still died on the spot。
  It is understood that after the incident in a month, this plan and Justin unmarried Fudaimengde (DonDamond) married。   Time of the incident, Justin does not hold weapons, even wearing only a nightshirt。
Noor and accompanied police Hallett said the incident there were heard loud fireworks, which scared Noor, he would shoot。
But prosecutors said there was no evidence to Justin pose a threat to Noor。 What was the two policemen carry no camera is turned on, the device within the police also did not make any record of the matter。   It is understood that Noor was a Somali-American, he was only two years when the police, but had "offenders" twice。
Earlier this year, Noor and his colleagues complained illegal invasion of a woman's home。
  In a written statement the family of Justin, they murder the result of Noor was accused of three murders and two negligent satisfied。 They will continue to seek justice and to ensure that Noor was convicted。