Cherish what you have at the moment。。.

管理 / 2018-07-07

Cherish what you have at the moment…    Edge of a word, so it is hard to discern, how much ever, already departed。    Those who are seeking, those tacit understanding, those deep and sincere, how much better full of pure, no one can forget。    A feeling, really, is not easy, some of the meet, who do not know what is coming tomorrow, and can only, 且行且珍惜。    —– Text / a sissy edge word, who can fathom?    Even meet an indefinite period, those bits and pieces, has already turned into a spring rain, moist in the eyes。    Those understanding, those who are seeking, how many full of pure beauty, those deep and sincere, no one can forget。    Dust all the way, repeatedly, a feeling, really, is not easy。    How much had already been buried in the sand years, only those who miss the quiet, still ears filled with voiceless。    How many of those silent warm gentle, never stiff, endless lingering party River, a distant。    A little know how, how much alienated cut off, those gentle murmur of flowing, seems to uphold those beliefs regret。    Once assured staggered eyes, smooth wrinkles how much soul。    Those sad memories, always inadvertently startled a pool of Oulu, complex and attributed those waiting Chini。    Feelings, not beautiful, but idealism, there is no right and wrong, who do not change anything。    Some feelings, it seems that only a long wait, it seems that only tolerance, but also the only way to 且行且珍惜……    Overnight huan, Dream fleeting。    Whether it is icing on the cake, or a little consonance, chase, and finally to life in a peaceful beauty。    Missed the branches full of flowers yesterday, now can not miss。    Margaret Lane in the spring, a deep bow, this is not humble, which is planted in the hearts of treasure。    Get flowers over clothing, memories in my heart, dancing。    Every day, there is always a moment of escape, the only joy in the quiet corner of the heart, within reach of those living on the warm end of the world。    Indulge in secret, the quality of pure white, pretty and has no intention embodied the optimism, only to dash know, the ultimate bloom。    Fine, clear, steady, far more than Junzizhijiao, love is not true, there have been beaten, but also heaven on earth?    Lust dash of fireworks, enduring watch, Zither cotton silk incense the years。    Some elegant, drops of ink to make a curtain wind flower, aloof from the world。    No earthly love flashy, every day remains the same。    Few words, incomprehensible, nourish the dust has settled bright, sashay。    Away from the fetters of earth, those who do not want to read any requirement, still sleeping quietly Taking。    In many cases, we are obviously deeply miss, but lost a little bit far away。    A lot of things, disdain, everything explained, is superfluous。    Perhaps the greatest earthly cold-blooded, trust is being let down。    Those encounters heart, Song of the road is still wandering, how will the fate of those arrangements?    Dust flower, beautiful bloom, those touched by the poem fleeting, still eagerly look back。    Refers to a quicksand, missed much better, walking in the desert of love, met a sigh。    I wonder if you ever think, every sigh, sigh may have been in the last sound on earth。    Those Pure Rye, has never been absurd, it is heavy life。    How deep is the love seems to have a deep forgiveness, with some of the concepts, always in my heart, displaced in years。    At this moment, someone can wait, some people may think, it was lovely and it's worth, we have no reason not to pity?    To walk the earth, does not want to hurt it seems unlikely。    There are always some people, lopsided, there are always some love, I can not say goodbye。    A wandering, after all smoke and mirrors, Haunted thin branches hang time, beating earthly vanity。    Those tangled, old fled, rebirth will snowflakes swirl。    Bob scattered broken language, moonlight Qianyindichang。    Who is no longer with the renewal of their acquaintance, they have long been accustomed to, across the distant, stay, laughing soul。    Those warm, this life peacefully, years of quiet good。    That day, that night, those who, through the time and space Ruoyouruowu, Magnificence faded, alone taste marshes。    Some feel, when spring is here, the breeze off, the verdant heart of Taoyuan。    Gazing with flowers, and gentle affair。    Keep a situation, keep a landscape, so that a little sunshine, warm weak to endless life……    Some people walked softly, but left scars for a lifetime can not be restored。    Earthly fickle, always unpredictable, that silence, how far to go in order to calm?    Those heartbreak, how long you want to go with the flow?    Pale light years, those in the past, in the spring cynical smile, had not chase past。    Those beautiful, but they will be in the life of quiet good。    Love, seems to be a lifetime thing, those who can not say goodbye, still bustling Kate memories。    If you can not control fate, let those good never fading, in memory of light and joy, as graceful flower, Kingston。    Zither Love, weaving Yilianyoumeng alone, those half-truths, winding earth-shaking。    Never been fate, but not enough to cherish, all misunderstandings are the desecration of sacred。    Time cold-blooded who never, never live up to, but we did not appreciate, did not retain, always blamed fate。    Those in the past, is still in the breeze in greeting, remember those good, to please yourself, calm life of comfort。    All through the past, a worthy man, left behind, not retrospective outcomes, just as worthwhile……    Those who hate late, spring comes Jizhi?    Some deep, quietly swept over worldly tie him down, deep soul。    Those holy, never cold-blooded, those who came, left behind a wet ground want to read。    Into the consonance of life, Love Lane bustling, if you know, will be a reunion of those who believe not fade。    Can those who fled subtle, but more than bare piety, boiled plum wine?    Fate, we always encounter fond of, those to the mountain turn water conversion, the Red dojo wander。    Going around in circles, when the Chunhuaqiuyue?    Some emotion, Shining, if we live, people want to see can not see, can not bear to cherish all through, meaning the clouds are, of life, and where?    Those Qiannian falling dust, Errant Love, Wang Lethe do not wear a dream。    Drank romantic heartbreak, hate missing, smile and melt away, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, can end years of quiet beauty。    Feelings of the world, has never been right and wrong, only who loves who, who does not love who, who who cherish and who does not cherish, so, it。    Some emotional, intellectual standing of the banks, only suppress the growth of those feelings。    Not love, but powerless。    Some meet, so rare, little consonance, regret, hard, so they will not easily give up。    Perhaps, some feelings of sincerity and warmth of view, sufficient。    A feeling, indeed, hard to come by, and can only cherish。    How many people, in the infinite of time, the quietly in love with a man, but did not dare approached, fear will hurt。    If a love, pain than joy, it must be love wrong。    All treasure, not wishful thinking, all wishful thinking, doomed humble and mottled。    Feelings of sexual gratification has always been, if not treasure, let go, but also a wise choice。    A person can love a person, you can not love, tolerance should be given。    No matter whether patriotic, it is not wrong, be able to deal with the feelings of a very good person, is worth awe。    Those who bear responsibility, make an ordinary person, the moment tall and up……    Whether love, affection, or friendship, meet is not easy, not easy to spend, cherish those warm, trust, dependence, 且行且珍惜。