Crossings beautiful life

管理 / 2018-07-08

That we have no intention of snowy winter struck a love pure and noble traces of snow covered kilometer street but not cover the warm heart of affection // I simply calm day you as a ray pound springs that what kind of language you come and listen to the rain dripping charming romantic together // fingertips to see a piece of lotus enchanting a truth seeking nectar and romance throughout the long rainy season // Red reincarnation I have you I do not expect miracles from just intentions our soul is folded together every hug // silently in front of you go back I will not ask, do not dwell love and love are not the answer to pose a Bodhi read // when you really summer Fantasy and when all the flowers are to cover the shade I want to put down once lonely and frustrated you the truth I wrote poetry // indulge in the arms of summer make Xiaofeng gentle brushed shoulders collected bless you placed indulgence, beautiful life