Men worry about meals secondary sell-off left a note soon after he received a text message

管理 / 2018-07-10

(Original title: fear takeaway secondary sale, kept that in mind back when the meal, the results worried about really happened!) Recently in Dalian a college student, he exposes ordered a takeaway, due to diet remind businesses do not put onions, but Shique received takeaway found that there are onions, so stick back meal。 The takeaway is worried about the business of secondary sale, so he put a piece of paper with the meal, "If you eat please contact me……"Soon he received a text message….。Own return takeaway is sold again. "Takeout point because it is wrong to return the store, the store will sell for fear of other guests again, so leaving Tips……Unexpectedly, all fear is not superfluous!"Recently, with this figure with the micro-blog content has been issued immediately caused many users onlookers。 Screenshot reporters combing through a few chat approximate what happened。
The parties are college students of a university in Dalian, he bacon at a bakery near the school ordered a takeaway as personal diet so he reminded businessmen do not put onions, but Shique found to have received a cake in the onion pie, for he made this request the withdrawal meal。 "Good business attitude, but I have always stressed to me for a copy, rather than send a。 "Friends said, when he had doubts, so he put a note in the return of the cake that read," If you eat please contact me…… "And to remind takeaway little brother," That cake you can eat, but not to the students to eat, very bad influence。
"He said that although the takeaway brother verbally agreed to, can not long before I received a text message that he returned to eat the cake by others。 Controversy: Should be returned takeaway secondary sales reporter saw, the news sparked concern of many users, the topic is very strong, this big discussion "on the tongue safety" embarked on。 "Lunch box was opened, and a note on the cake in the middle……"Most users said that such a takeaway resale indeed difficult to accept。 Text when users calm "Actually, I ate a few pieces of meat", this behavior also made a considerable number of users expressed resentment。 According to numerous comments, reporters summarize our views and perspectives are basically three, one "can not be returned to the food business of secondary sales!"Another view," said netizen steal meat, and put a note in the meal approach is too wrong, "in addition to a more rational voice said," is returned if the customer did not move the meal, you can sell direct throw too wasteful。
"Good Fresh green home good girl: remember the needs of customers, the store itself is a fault, then store in exchange for a child did not come after onion cake, a chance to go back to the original can not, and even less for resale , sold to someone else。
In addition, the store's fault, should not change, should re-send a child there is no onions。
As for the bread with onion eat onions customers is how to deal with customers is the final say。
Xia Xiao Hu XH: very strange, businesses deceive customers make things, why worry about the feelings food business it is very disgusting secondary sales, which in itself is unethical behavior。
cheese_ Girl: "do not store secondary sales, the students practice it a bit sick people, but also feel proud to see that ate the two I am a bit speechless。
"Eat goods priest: students are too preoccupied, and eating have handled, not authentic。 Lean into a lightning ah: businesses do business is not easy, but this approach does not, can not say meat eating two put the meat you can eat eat onions why should retreat a little – well the first Sen: Once you eat this pie returned people, happens to write a word of note allergies, and very serious allergies, who will bear the consequences of adverse reactions, work, think twice, forgive and forget, rest of his life long way to go, 且行且珍惜。
Sonia's you: I think the meal did not move, then you can sell it again, are not easy, do not be so harsh it!The meals were returned customers generally ye deal with more and more people now favor online reservation, then the customer back whether the common meal, usually this happens ye deal with this reporter interviewed a platform for ordering a delivery site Master Wang。 The other told reporters client back meal broadly divided into two reasons, one is the cause of the business resulted in customers back meal, such as meal mistake, customers are not taken into account diet; there is a situation room is the reason members, such as late delivery, soup overflow;。