Before the "Northeast's richest man," Xu Fan Day: Steve Jobs to see at any time!Pan Asia bears a large trust for claiming duty

管理 / 2018-07-13

With former "Northeast's richest man," said Xu Fan Day, once the North Fifth Ring, Kyrgyzstan light and Xiamen Cathay Pacific and other three listed companies controlled real people。The former capital predators had been out of public view, has once again attracted attention, is the cause of its employees posted on the Internet, he said the threat was likely to Xu Fan Day convicted again。The root cause of conflict is the Fan Day Xu had the highest gold content of its assets – the ultimate home of Pan Asia Trust。  Pan-Asian Trust since May 2010 bankruptcy proceedings, which lasted eight years of protracted why?In the process of reforming the pan-Asian Trust, Xu Fan Day play what role?Whether Xu Fan Day after his release will be selected as the second venture like Chu Shijian, et al Mu qizhong?Xu Fan Day In an interview with the Securities Times?When the reporter an exclusive interview with the company to respond to the above questions。  3 31 morning, Changchun, Jilin Province haze in the sky has not yet dispersed, somatosensory outdoor temperature is still low。In an office building in downtown Changchun, è Securities Times reporter saw the company in the 1990s, well-known capital heavyweights — Xu Fan Day。  Standing Securities Times?Fan Day Xu height in front of reporters at the company 1.About 7 meters, wearing a maroon T-shirt, a brown jacket casual jacket, wearing a blue and white lattice slacks, has gray hair。If you go on the road, strangers hard to think this is the old "Northeast's richest man"。However, Fan Day Xu's eyes still sparkle, clear thinking, has a very strong memory, but also talking about the interview。  "Jobs at any time to see the" Securities Times · Electronics Reporter: You have been Detention in 2007, in August 2010, because of contract fraud, fraudulent issuance of bonds, illegal deposits from the public, false registered capital and other charges, was sentenced to life imprisonment after you file an appeal, commuted to 10 years in prison。When did you released, now how about the physical condition?  Xu Fan Day: I was in the October 24, 2017 released from prison, the current physical condition is very bad, in November last year experienced a rescue, at any time waiting to see Steve Jobs。  Securities Times reporter · Electronics: You were once a man of the capital market, but over the years about your news is not much, a few days ago, your employees posted on the Internet said that you are threatened, together with the related media coverage after , public opinion began again to your attention。what on earth is it?  Xu Fan Day: I did not know in advance, the staff was only informed after my post to the Internet, but I am also not opposed to initiatives。I've heard the net posts cut micro-channel chat contents screen, because there's content on the outside has forwarded a few days, but no one has the initiative forwarded to me, I was after several twists and turns before they get micro believe this screenshot chat content。  Similar events are threatened me twice already happened, the people around me also know that I am also well aware of the danger in the course of the competition for Pan Asia Trust。And fund-raising fraud, contract fraud and other charges of criminal law is not clear enough boundaries, threatening easily become a reality。In 2007 I had been threatened before XingJu on, if you do not cooperate will be jailed on charges of contract fraud。  By now, after the exposure of public opinion, I believe that even if the other party will have any idea of restraint。  Securities Times?Company Reporter: After being threatened, you have an alarm to the public security organs do?  Fan Day Xu: I'm not sure micro-channel chats recorded among what is the language of threat, or well-intentioned advice, reminders, in this case there is no need to alarm, but the alarm is not great significance。Besides, I have no personal grudge and the parties, he left me a very good impression。  Hainan agricultural rent and Pan-Asian Trust is a "parent-child relationship" è Securities Times reporter Company: Without a doubt, the cause of all things because of pan-Asian Trust, we know that Pan Asia Trust was ordered in 200 years there are five shareholders when ordered to stop the company, after a lapse of 12 years, that several shareholders of the company now is what is the situation?Between you and them is what kind of relationship?  Xu Fan Day: related companies have been identified to the shareholders of these investigations public security organs, the five Pan-Asian Trust shareholders belong to myself, but on behalf of these shareholders hold no real decision-making power and voting rights。Pan Asia in mid-2006 after the trust was ordered to suspend business for rectification, several shareholders of the company seal, business licenses, financial books were taken away, and no one management company, but no one to carry out inspection companies, resulting in five qualifying shareholders eventually revoked。  Securities Times?Company Reporter: In the past, Hainan agricultural Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Hainan agricultural rent) is considered to be the actual pan-Asian investor trust, and you are the actual control people, you now still Hainan agricultural rent office?Now you and the Pan Asia Hainan agricultural rent and trust is what kind of relationship?  Xu Fan Day: Hainan agricultural rent is currently the largest shareholder of Zhuhai, China Yuda, 2007 I XingJu, Hainan agricultural rent is the legal representative, after I put behind bars, there is no changing the legal representative。I was raised in 2013 to the Hainan agricultural rent a written application for resignation, but shareholders Hainan agricultural rent of view of the significant matters involving the company were previously handled by me, I still was hired as a consultant resigned after legal representative until processing after completion of historical issues do Hainan agricultural rent outgoing audit。  Hainan agricultural rent is I initiated the establishment of joint-stock company in the business of Hainan, the Hainan agricultural rent It was derived from the Pan-Asian Trust, the North Fifth Ring, etc. If Hainan agricultural rent is the father, then the Pan-Asian Trust, the North Fifth Ring is son。I had previously been known as the actual control pan-Asian people trust, in fact I represent Hainan agricultural rent, rent Hainan agricultural trustee, the so-called actual control is actually effective management。I was in management, major problems of control Pan trusts, such as the appointment of senior Pan-Asian Trust would have to agree by the Hainan agricultural rent。  The company è Securities Times Reporter: Who is the biggest creditor Pan Asia Trust?  Xu Fan Day: Hainan farmers pay rent to related party declaration of debt at around 25 million, so should be the largest creditor, but so far has not confirmed the insolvency administrator of Pan-Asian Trust。Therefore, it is still the largest creditor banks。If you rent Hainan agricultural related parties can be identified as the largest creditor, it will have a decisive influence Pan-Asian Trust restructuring。However, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the bankruptcy law, it has not been determined debt restructuring after the company still claimable。  Dozens of organizations interested in participating in the Pan-Asian Trust Company ê restructuring Securities Times reporter: a province had reserved a trust, the trust is retained Pan Asia is seen as a miracle by private background。It is reported that Pan Asia Trust after entering bankruptcy reorganization proceedings, interested agencies involved in the reorganization are many, in your opinion, why these institutions saw Pan Asia Trust?  Xu Fan Day: It is because seeing real gold pan-Asian Trust, so there will be a lot of interested organizations to participate in Pan-Asian Trust reformer。Because although financial companies, non-gold company into bankruptcy, but its intangible assets, future operating profitability of regeneration is very large, because the scarcity of licenses, worth hundreds of billion。Trust has a current market price approved, trust companies now sell prices are between 10 billion to 20 billion yuan。  Currently registered in the insolvency administrator, the Trust intends to participate in reforming the pan-Asian businesses and organizations have dozens, with the intention of over one hundred enterprises and institutions, directly to rent Hainan agricultural enterprises and institutions have more than 50。  Restructuring must be able to meet three conditions ê Company Securities Times reporter: net posts content from your employees released, it seems that there is objection to the Pan-Asian Trust reshaped human, what do you think now participate in the Pan-Asian Trust reforming party?  Xu Fan Day: I do not exclude Who reorganization of Pan-Asian Trust, our rejection is not fair reformer。The actual reorganization which company to trust Pan Asia is not important, important is reforming party to meet three conditions: First, the availability of China Banking Regulatory Commission (Note: According to national institutional reform programs, now merged with the China Banking Regulatory Commission CIRC) approved, approved by the State Council, because once is not approved, there is no room for maneuver, waiting for pan-Asian Trust can only be bankrupt; secondly, reforming party is able to meet the company's history to solve the problems left over from the original Pan-Asian Trust shareholders basic requirements way (about involving about $ 4 billion in debt); and finally, reforming the Department of Pan-placed side can meet the staff, such as White Mountain aviation, north rings, Hainan agricultural rent and other staff, re-employment, in order to achieve social stabilization purposes。Because Pan-Asian Trust bankruptcy was a result of the Department of Pan-Asian association of companies all closed down more than 1,000 people involved in employment issues。Resettlement opportunity I have an obligation to appease employees as entrepreneurs, so that they have re-employment。  But the restructuring program is now reforming raised by only the problem of Pan-Asian Trust 5.9.4 billion debt, it does not involve employee placement program to appease, and did not involve Hainan agricultural rent and related understandings reached between the。In addition, the existing restructuring plan was submitted in 2016, and the current pan-Asian Trust's balance has undergone new changes, the new pan-Asian Trust issues arise, new changes also need to re-propose a solution, so existing the restructuring program has not operable。Moreover, the restructuring program is only disclosed reforming party in 2014 and mid-2015 financial information, there is no mid-2016 and 2017 financial information。  Shareholders who can not choose the right restructuring Securities Times reporter ê Company: 2010 Pan Asia Trust enter into bankruptcy proceedings in 2017 into bankruptcy reorganization, this year is already the eighth year, why bankruptcy Pan Asia Trust, reforming long drag pending?  Xu Fan Day: In my opinion, reforming Pan Asia Trust is not complicated, two months to complete。Because many of them as long as the interest in participating in the reforming intention of enterprises and organizations choose a company willing to bear one hundred percent debt, and creditors and shareholders of Hainan as agricultural rent and related parties consent, according to court restructuring agreement and the creditors agreement, as long as the ruling it means that restructuring is completed, followed by the CBRC to complete a series of procedures。  In the insolvency administrator view, after the company into bankruptcy, shareholders' equity is zero, so there is no right to choose reorganization shareholders party, reforming party should be chosen by the creditor。However, in my opinion, this view is not right, because if there is no shareholder voting rights, no right to choose, why should we trust to participate in the Pan-Asian meeting of creditors and investors conference?  Admittedly, the creditors have the right to decide to choose reorganization parties under certain circumstances。For example, only a single bearing debt ratio lower side of the reformer reforming Fangju 100%; side or a plurality of reforming, the reforming side bearing debt ratio varies, but all 100% lower, then select reforming power party must belong to creditors。But now many interested in participating in the Pan-Asian Trust reformer reforming party can be one hundred percent debt, then the creditor would not have the power to decide reforming party, the shareholders vote for the reorganization of the party and the right to choose should be reflected。  But now the problem is that many would like bearing debt of 100% of enterprises, institutions caught up in the door, nor from the shareholders of these companies, which reformed institutions to choose the right people。  "Full of expectations for Pan-Asian Trust reforming the" Securities Times reporter è company: from the current situation, you as a real person control of Pan Asia Trust still play an important role in this reorganization。Pan-Asian meeting of creditors and whether the trust investor conference had to be held in No. 22 March was held as scheduled?  Xu Fan Day: Pan-Asian Trust meeting of creditors and investors meeting was scheduled for March 22 meeting postponed to March 30, I is the identity of the participants on behalf of shareholders。At the meeting held on March 30, the judge, in consultation with the participants announced that in view of the many problems in this court did not explain clearly, there is no consensus, it is recommended not to vote。  An episode is between March 22 to March 30 date, I have been asked a notary shareholder, shareholder representative's identity。However, according to requirements "Notary Law", the submission deadline justice have 15 days, so this requirement is clearly illegal。So after we questioned, they do not have to be told the identity of notary shareholders, shareholder representatives。  The company è Securities Times reporter: the next Pan-Asian Trust reorganization will develop what direction?If the restructuring fails, the trust will go bankrupt Pan Asia program?  Xu Fan Day: From the big social background, we have now entered a new era in the fight against corruption, strengthen the rule of law, so that every citizen can feel the backdrop of justice, malicious restructuring is certainly no future。Therefore, we believe that trend, justice will come。Of course, also a result of bankruptcy may appear, after all, in which the reforming process occurs enterprises sorts of things uncertain, successful reorganization and bankruptcy of these two results are likely to alternate turns out, is not to people's will, but people can go to the successful efforts of direction。If the reorganization Pan trust ultimately unsuccessful, even bankruptcy, then the relevant parties will become the sinner's Jilin Province, Jilin Province, after all, in order to keep a trust license is not easy。  The company è Securities Times Reporter: What do you want to see what kind of a finale?  Xu Fan Day: Any parent wants their children to have a good future, Pan-Asian Trust as my children。I trust Pan-Asian, Pan-Asian employees have feelings of trust, full of hope for reforming Pan-Asian Trust。  Pan-Asian Trust to bear "a great responsibility" è Securities Times reporter Company: When you are led to the construction of the stadium funding chain pressure, near and through the issuance of bonds to raise funds, bond payment until the final crisis occurs, it should be up to today pan-Asian Trust the most direct cause。Even if there was no human disturbance factors, do you think Pan Asia was able to resolve the crisis of trust in you?  Xu Fan Day: Pan-Asian Trust actually was still able to rely on its own strength to defuse the crisis, because at that time our ability to mobilize funds in the billions of dollars, Pan-Asian Trust to the later development of the results I have a great responsibility。My idea was not to solve to solve, because the bond payment crisis because we caused the construction of the stadium, and then rise to debt default problems are not resolved, then there is no better way in the case, wanted to take the opportunity to solve the problem to put pressure on the government, but the end result is I did not think。  Securities Times?Company Reporter: There are media reports that after you released from prison, has filed a petition for retrial to the Supreme Court, which is based on what kind of consideration?  Fan Day Xu: I submit an application to the Supreme retrial is not for personal, nor to the court would like to compensate purely for my children and that several employees have been sentenced, I think we are all innocent。My life in business, do not want my descendants first thought when I brought a criminal, that will make them forever suppressed。In addition, this time I apply for a retrial may be related to all the staff was handling the case, I hope this does not involve anyone retrial, will not affect their future development, I personally would not pursue their responsibilities。  "For business again not interested in the" Securities Times reporter è company: Pan-Asian person you trust the actual control, there was the North's rings, the Kyrgyz light industry and Xiamen Cathay three listed companies, then you have called "the richest man in the Northeast" how do you see this title?  Fan Day Xu: I have no name personal property, I was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 2.57 million yuan, and there is nothing but seized。So from this point of view, I am not a "Northeast's richest man," but "first the poor"。However, although my name is not property, but I manage, disposable property has a lot of really。  Securities Times?Company Reporter: Your 67-year-old, if Pan Asia Trust reformed satisfactorily resolved the issue, you will be like Chu Shijian, Mu Qizhong so, choose start again?  Fan Day Xu: I'm nearly 70 years old, is now more to enjoy at home every day to read, reflect on their own, the feeling of self-cultivation, there is no entrepreneurial ideas, but also not interested in business again。And in my opinion, if the business is to make money, famous, do to others, we do not have any sense and necessary。