Central Bank: Expand the use of offshore companies and the impact of private banks transfer stolen money walking

管理 / 2018-07-14

2017 March 28 to 29, 2017, the People's Bank Financial Work Conference was held in Fuzhou, the rule of law。Meeting in-depth study and implement the party's 18 and eighteenth session of the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Plenary Session and the People's Bank Work Conference, summarize the financial rule of law in 2016, the task schedule 2017。People's Bank of party committee members, assistant governor Liu Guoqiang attended the meeting。  Meeting fully affirmed the achievements made in 2016 finance law of。Facing the complicated economic and financial situation, the People's Bank of the financial sector to uphold the rule of law and the rule of law thinking ideas, work together, do solid work, continue to improve laws and regulations in areas such as finance system, comprehensively promote the administration according to law the People's Bank, followed by the need for financial work Research on the rule of law, efforts to improve the quality of legal counsel, a solid promote related priorities, and actively carry out international financial laws key areas, increasing the financial strength of the rule of law publicity and education, to create a good working atmosphere financial rule of law, provide for the people's Bank to perform their duties according to law effective support and protection。  It was noted that the People's Bank to finance the construction of the rule of law stand in full height of the rule of law, in-depth analysis of the new requirements of economic development and reform and opening up new normal financial rule of law proposed to broaden horizons and improve stations, enhanced forward-looking, proactive, to strengthen top-level design, improve the legal system, better performance of their duties for the people's Bank of escort, and make due contributions to improve the modernization level of national governance。  The meeting stressed that in 2017 more significant financial responsibility for the rule of law。To further study the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the series and the spirit eighth session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party, carry out "two to do a study" to further enhance the "four consciousness"。Continue to strengthen the rule of law in the financial cadre ranks, and strive to build a political excellent, excellent service, the courage to play, clean and honest cadres financial law。Continue to prevent, combat the use of offshore companies and transfer of stolen money underground banking special action, the pilot reform of empty promises administrative penalties, to develop ways to improve the complaints process, strengthen the supervision of administrative law enforcement, legal advisers continue to do work to strengthen the legislative assessments to finance the rule of law outstanding achievements to greet the big victory party was held nineteen。  People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters, all branches and business management departments, the provincial capital (capital) city center branches and sub-provincial city center branch of the rule of law and finance departments responsible comrades and responsible comrades, comrades of the Chinese People's Bank of relevant departments attended the meeting。