Commission to respond to the listed companies do not pay dividends: Cash dividends is being perfect rail system

管理 / 2018-07-16

Q: Recently, the media reported 36 "stingy" on the market 10 years do not pay dividends。Does the Commission have any comment?  A: The cash dividend is an important way to get a return of investors to listed companies, investors also foster long-term investment philosophy, and enhance the attractiveness of capital markets an important way。For a long time, I will improve the bonus system of listed companies into the important category of institution building basic market, and actively support, promote and guide cash dividends of listed companies, strengthen the sense of return。Overall, the dividends of listed companies will, have a dividend increase and improve stability。2016, Shanghai and Shenzhen have 2031 cash dividend, totaling 830.1 billion yuan; there are 1128 companies for five consecutive years of cash dividends, there are 1415 listed companies for three consecutive years of cash dividends。  However, we also note that there are still some quality of listed companies, but off dividends not take the initiative, sense of return to shareholders is extremely weak。Since 2013 I will release cash dividends regulatory guidelines, there are still some companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen in the case of cumulative retained earnings and earnings per share were positive, non-cash dividends for many years。Individual companies not only ignored cash dividends, or even create high transfer speculation and other gimmicks concept, Bo eye, fueling speculation the atmosphere of the market, ignoring the interests of small investors。  I will reiterate that listed companies must constantly improve quality, consolidate the basis of return on shareholders interests, while also strictly abide by laws and regulations and the Articles of Association, return to investors through cash dividends actually。I will further strengthen supervision, study hard to develop measures to counter "stingy", the company has a dividend capacity without dividends supervision interviews, and urge the relevant controlling shareholders of listed companies to effectively fulfill its responsibility to support the performance of listed companies cash dividend obligations; binding strict "high bonus" regulatory carry out special inspections, according to the specified dividend and articles of association of the company, in accordance with regulations adopted administrative controls。Meanwhile, based on the public offering of securities for cash dividend on the condition, the study of non-cash dividends conditions on public offering of shares, strengthening regulatory constraints。(Original title: press conference Q & A) (Editor: DF075)