A simple motion detect whether you live longer!(1)

管理 / 2018-07-17

  Brazil refers to a doctor, use a few simple actions, a person can calculate the short-lived or long-lived, let's take a look at。
  Sit down and stand up experiments (abbreviated SRT) was originally used to assess the flexibility of athletes。Of course, this is just a test action counterweight, the pro can not believe all!The elderly and people with arthritis are not suitable for testing。  First, take off your shoes, upright, legs crossed standing, then legged sit down, sit down and then stand up。
  1 / successfully stand up without support by the object, there are 10 points, the best!  2 / hand to stand up and balance of the body, or the process out of balance, there are 8 points, still represents the body。  3 / did not complete the action, than to get 8 points or more people, the chance of death increases five-fold in six years!!!  You want to get to know these 1.Eat a raw vegetables daily can prolong life 2 years。But remember, it must be raw because cooking vegetables will consume 30% of the antioxidant。But how to achieve the prescribed intake of it?The researchers suggested that the chopped peppers, green peppers, carrots and other vegetables stuffed with bread, treating them as breakfast or lunch。  2.The body mass index (BMI) is maintained at 25-35, can prolong life 3 years。Excess fat increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, etc.。
And BMI (body weight (kg) mm / height (m)) is maintained at 25-35 will delay these diseases。
But the need to adhere。  3.Eat 5 times a week, can prolong life 3 years。Of the week has five days insist on chewing nuts people, than the average person to live in。And eat two ounces (about 57 grams) of nuts is enough。  4.Making new friends, can prolong life 7 years。Australian researchers found that a wide circle of friends who average seven-year life extension。
So, try to learn more about new faces at work or take the initiative to say hello to the neighbors never met。  5.Tell yourself, "life after retirement is still colorful," can prolong life in。Experts pointed out that the elderly should give his old age to find something fun to cultivate more interest, or do public good。
"Psychosomatic Medicine" magazine study shows that altruistic behavior will people's lives have a positive impact, and can divert attention from some people unhappy things。