Women's "Peach Blossom epilepsy" seizures obsessed actor does not work 3

管理 / 2018-07-20

  Little Xu, 28, is a waiter。
Years ago, she sometimes because sometimes manic depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, after taking five years to return to normal behavior, polite and introverted, usually simple dress。   But a month ago, she became more than words, appetite increase, excited and when in contact with strange men, dressed more exposure。 She also obsessed with male stars, such as Luhan, all day staring at his picture look, do not go to work, family quickly took her to the Air Force hospital in Fuzhou neurosurgery clinic。
  She went to the hospital after seeing handsome male doctor, rushed past hugged。
Yuanbang Qing, director of physician-diagnosed, there is little promise in addition to bipolar disorder, also suffers from paranoid schizophrenia love, which is commonly known as the "Peach Blossom epilepsy"。
Yuan Zhuren introduction, patients with the disease generally unrequited love, firmly believe that the other party to produce their own love, so dreaming, sleep is not sleep, no appetite for food, and even find each other tangled。   Fortunately, through minimally invasive surgery, is currently a small promise has returned to normal。
  Yuanzhu Ren, China's folk known as "cauliflower yellow, idiot busy" argument。 Because every year from March to May, is the worst human emotions, the most unstable of the season, the peak period is psychotic episodes。 After entering the spring, began to increase human metabolism, neuroendocrine system will change, likely to cause the first onset of mental illness, and those who had suffered from mental illness likely to relapse。
  Yuanzhu Ren added that psychotic episodes with aura, such as difficulty falling asleep, early awakening; without cause anxiety, panic, all day uneasy, restless, suspicious heavy; work, study, family activities in trouble; difficulties in social interaction activities, man of few words, lack of concentration, lack of initiative; often daze, himself; lazy, and other personal hygiene needs urge。
  Yuan Zhuren remind the guardian of the mentally ill, to pay attention to the patient's behavioral and emotional changes, such as when the above signs appear abnormal, timely treatment, medication Zunzhu。