Ten billion private equity route surfaced March survey of small and medium-ups favored

管理 / 2018-07-19

        The spring, in March, enthusiastic research institutions has improved significantly。
Data show that has a total of 774 research institutions 241 listed companies, private equity funds have only sent out 496, described as unprecedented。
Ten billion private equity figure which many of them one thousand of this joint venture, the chaotic capital, investment and other macro flow。
From the point of view of the research object, electronics, semiconductor and other industries frequency of interest, and many stocks hit by only small private research focus。
  Private research route surfaced wind data show that as of 22 March, a total of 496 private equity survey of 157 stocks, more than ten billion private equity went on the attack, thousands of this joint venture, rock stars investment, investment freshwater springs, calm investment and so are more than three times the number of research。
  Results from the latest point of view, the majority of private research stocks with good performance data, nearly 20 listed companies net profit rose more than 100%, net profit rose more than 120 companies。
Among them, more than 10% of the net profit growth ranked first。   It is worth noting that many of ten billion private placement in March to get together with research company。 Research is often the subject of "sword pay" Yawei this month "go with the flow", research ideas with their peers is quite consistent。 Data show that since March this joint venture a total of one thousand four research companies, including motherboard and RunTu ,, shares hit three small stocks, are the subject of heat within the list in front of private research 20%。
Zhao Yi topped more innovation, more private visits within 35 months, the macro flow of investment, investment chaos, exhibition and other well-known private equity investment Bo also chosen。 RunTu not only by the one thousand shares of the joint venture this visit, is also concerned about the collective investment and other well-known private institutions calm。
  However, due to market volatility and downs in March, rose to the situation after the first visit within a month, as of 21, the only stocks rose more than half of the research, which rose more than 20% ,,,。   Most small and medium-ups are favored in related fields and more than 10 private equity research firm, the electronic components, semiconductors, application software company。
These areas represent the advanced manufacturing direction, and medium and small start-up companies active figure, such research has been accepted ,, etc.。   Data show that early to 22, over ninety percent of private research shares of small and medium-ups, the macro flow of investment, thousands of this joint venture, show Bo investment, freshwater springs and other ten billion private investment will have to invest in small and medium-hit areas of research direction。
  We experienced a long period of adjustment, creating small and medium-valuation more reasonable, many fund companies are increasingly attach importance to the value of their investment。 This year, small and medium-ups occur several times pulse rise。
Galaxy Securities Research said that the recent market for chasing the unicorn enterprises, reflecting market for growth stocks of emerging industries is essentially optimistic。
  Private investment research has disclosed to reporters, at the end of last year had been gradually layout of some high-quality growth stocks, the future will be done according to the matching bands such valuation and performance。 The source also said that this year will show a motherboard market is still stronger shocks, growth stocks have a pattern of structural opportunities。
The future value of stocks as a substrate can configure the warehouse, and increase the proportion of the configuration of growth stocks, Smart operation, choose the band the opportunity to capture。   Ruifeng, general manager of asset Yerui Yao suggested that investors try to tap new economic point of view has been launched in the low growth stocks until the market recognizes once again, and gradually increase the intensity of participation。
Investment opportunities can focus on the opportunity to start after the blue-chip adjustment record。