4 101 points Curry contributed 30 + 13 Warriors victory over the Nuggets won the home advantage

管理 / 2018-07-21

  Ticker on April 24, the Warriors away to 131-117 victory over the Nuggets, the two sides drew 1-1 in the first round。   Warriors grab home-court advantage。 – Stephen Curry scored 30 points, 13 assists, five rebounds and three steals, Craig – Thompson scored 21 points。 The team shot 14 of 25 three-pointers, four people on 20 points, Jia Lite – Jack 26 points and seven assists, Harrison – Barnes 24 points and six rebounds。 Warriors hit rate%。
  Nuggets hit rate of 50%, 6 team in double figures。 Thailand – Lawson 19 points and 12 assists, Andre – Iguodala 18 points 7 assists, in which 12 points are obtained first, Wilson – Chandler 14 points 6 rebounds。 Off the bench Corey – Brewer 19 points, Andre – Miller 18 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Anthony – Randolph 14 points。 Nuggets to 26-36 on the boards at a disadvantage。   Curry was the first battle to prevent the first nine vote total loss, only 7 of 20 shots a game, but they also lost David – Lee, eventually lost 95-97。 As the striker hit a historical record, Curry would not have been in the doldrums, the expected rebound。   Curry today and relatively slow, the first section 5 vote only 1, only 2 points, but fortunately Thompson, who played well, strive Warriors。
Game played two minutes, Thompson 3 to 3 vote, the one arranged seven points before the Warriors, opening on a large-scale exchange that the two sides。 Warriors continue to hit the long shot, and the Nuggets are constantly succeeded to the hoop。
Andre Iguodala Nuggets arrow character, the first section he twice hit the third, also inside succeeded several times。 In this section there are 3 minutes 09 seconds, Andre Iguodala fast break, one-handed dunk, the Nuggets to 22-20 go-ahead。 The two sides several times draw after the first section, the Warriors only 24-26 behind。   Andre Iguodala first section 6 vote 5, one scored 12 points, while Thompson scored nine points for the Warriors。
David – the case of Lee's absence, they are starting with Jack, he is also in this section has 8 points for Houston。
  Curry would not have been in the doldrums, the second he quickly enter the state, continue to hit the long shot, this section 7 of his 9 shots, one scored 15 points。 Warriors continue to be constantly shooting against the Nuggets break, due to the ultra-high hit rate, they quickly gain an advantage。
This section there are 4 minutes, Curry hit third, leading the Warriors to 50-42。
Warriors led by as 11 points in the first half to lead 61-53。
  Curry scored 17 first half points and 7 assists, Thompson did not score the second, still 9 points, 10 points Jack。
Warriors 41 25 vote, the hit rate up to 60%。
Nuggets hit rate Daowu Cheng, Lawson had 13 points and seven assists, Andre Iguodala 12 points。
In the shrinking defense Warriors, Nuggets counter-attack did not break out。
  Thompson and Barnes have been hit three-pointers, the Warriors 71-54 in the third quarter soon to get 17-point advantage。 Miller finally thirds vote for the Nuggets, but they are starting to become sharp counterattack, this section there are 4 minutes and 57 seconds, Andre Iguodala fast break after steals, ended with a dunk, the Nuggets will chasing the score 69-76。
Thompson also to third immediately, while the other side of Curry also hit the long shot, in 25 seconds, scored six points, but the Warriors double-digit advantage。
  Section 2 minutes and 26 seconds there, Curry sprained left ankle, had to end rest。 Nevertheless, the Warriors still to expand the advantage to 96-80 through three quarters ended。   Fortunately, Curry is not serious, the fourth to return to the field, and soon hit the third, the Warriors before three-pointers 12 of 18 shots, hit rate%。 Brewer also twice third succeeded, Denver counter-offensive, in the game there are 8 minutes and 46 seconds, it will lead into 97-105。
This is the smallest gap between the two teams thereafter, Barnes also to a ball, Aize Li twice dunk, the Warriors played 10-3 to 115-100 once again throw off opponents。   Nuggets began to strengthen outside shot, but ineffective。 Thompson when there is 1 minute 55 seconds in the game again hit third, leading the Warriors when up to 20 points, the Nuggets sentenced to death。