IVF dietary considerations IVF after transplantation diet

管理 / 2018-07-25

Many had difficulty in fertility people will choose IVF to help them achieve growth, then, IVF should pay attention to anything at all what we need to pay attention to it in the food taboos IVF assisted reproduction and natural conception, like diet like to eat dinner first, then healthy eating, followed by slow eat, pregnant women need to pay attention to eating there。Balance adjustment like to eat, based on nutritious help achieve healthy, and finally rose to the level of stress, it reached the highest level of food。
In general, Western medicine does not pay attention to diet。
But whether Chinese or Western medicine, eat well, eat healthy is the consensus。As for diet after IVF transplant without too many demands, but should pay attention in the following areas: 1.After selecting digestible diet transplantation due to rest, bed rest, reduced physical activity, there may be loss of appetite, indigestion, choose easily digestible food can be described as imperative。
After IVF dietary considerations IVF transplant diet 2.Avoid constipation progesterone (progesterone) can intestinal muscle relaxant drugs, bowel movements slow down, coupled with exercise less, likely to cause constipation。
In order to alleviate the symptoms of constipation, pregnant women should eat foods rich in high-fiber vegetables, fruits, eat less spicy food。After IVF dietary considerations IVF transplant diet 3.Avoid in patients with diarrhea and more non-natives, this period of time before and after the transplant live in hotels, eat fast food, easily agitated, and should pay attention to food hygiene。
4.Forbidden to eat or allergic food allergies or allergies to certain substances, should pay attention away from allergens, avoid eating easy to cause food allergies, such as sea cargo。