Small courtyard Beijing Hutong children explore the transformation to overcome fabricated drainage problems

管理 / 2018-07-26

Small tea alley after the transformation of Hospital No. 16 ▲。
  Newspaper reporter Cao Zheng has century-old Beijing courtyard style has not changed, but spend most of today's technology transformation fabricated "boom" in the courtyard。   Not long ago, a small bow Carpenter Lane, Xicheng District 6 homes, small tea alley Hospital No. 16 and No. 34 in succession palace of four complete renovation。
The transformation of the old courtyard with the previous different, this is the first time the introduction of three fully assembled transformation, damp, cold, toilet and drainage cottage "persistent" problem solved。   Roof tiles custom factory site assembly brick tiles, hidden in a small bow Carpenter alley No. 6 Hospital appearance is not so special。
Leaned look, gray tiles neatly "code" on the roof, eaves also "embroidered" with flowers。
  Fiberglass tiles have a 1 meter wide, each piece is by the old Beijing style roof design。 Hundreds of square meters of the roof, only a few dozen tile。 After the tiles are specially good factory shipped to the site, with only a twist screws, firmly attached to the roof。
  Fabricated construction, the construction industry is one of the most fire last word, shop-fabricated, assembled on site, this new building mode, bid farewell to the construction of soil contaminated dust storm。
  However, fabricated mainly used in the construction of new buildings。
Since last March 15, the new into the city's affordable housing project planned projects and new investment the government should adopt new buildings prefabricated buildings。 Old courtyard can also spend the technology?Moreover, such a clean, error is small, fast speed of technology, but also much-needed transformation of the old city。   Last year, designers from Tsinghua Tong Heng Planning and Design Institute gathered in the White Pagoda Temple, the courtyard of the old house were assembly-line technology in a small alley No. 6 bow Carpenter homes, small tea alley Hospital No. 16 and No. 34 the palace of four attempts renovation。   "These old homes, some over a century old, there are a few short years decades of disrepair, illegally built clusters。 "Tsinghua Tong Heng Planning and Design Institute, said Liu Jun, senior architect, renovation of the main house is the first carried out steel reinforcement, do not touch the walls, roof tiles and even update should do in accordance with the original style。
  Five or six days time, a courtyard hundred square meters of roof tiling has been completed。   Followed by interior。
From wood floor to drain, to warm the inside wall of the pipe layer, plug-in board, and then to the kitchen in the bathroom with a guard, furniture, all "assembled"。
"In general, 12 days to complete a house built, and traditional decoration will need two months。 "Said Liu Jun。   "Electric toilet" overcome old cottage drainage problem alley Fuyun Capital Taste hospital, but because of damp, cold, bathroom drainage problem, many young people stay away。 These problems can not rely on technology to solve fabricated?  The main courtyard drainage is difficult because the house pipeline and municipal pipelines small elevation, distance, difficult to discharge sewage bathroom。 To solve this problem, through the transformation of the assembly yard, the bathroom specially equipped with "electric toilet" toilet plugged, comes lift pump, the stool can break, will be able to successfully discharged in the drain pipe 32 mm in diameter。   As for the damp cold of the problem, the solution is hidden in the wood floor below。
Down 13 cm wooden floor, covered with waterproof material, to warm the pipeline。 Liu describes, not used to warm the conventional electric floor heating, but the use of an air source heat pump central air conditioning machine can be hidden just under the eaves。 "This is a low temperature heating equipment is running, more energy-efficient, a 200 square meter house, after a winter electricity subsidies of about 4,000 yuan。 "He said。   There are a sum of the cost of a bone to pick, Liu said, prefabricated construction to save more manpower than traditional construction, if the same standards are met, about cost savings of about 10%。   The transformation of the old house where Fabricated large area to another to attract young people, is a small bow alley on the 6th hospital Carpenter realized the whole house thoroughly intelligent, this is the first attempt to do in the courtyard areas in the northern region。   The so-called "intelligent whole house", the house is full use of facilities and home appliances intelligent equipment。
Carpenter in a small alley bow 6 hospital room, with a smart new wind, air conditioning, air detection, humidification system that can automatically detect the house concentration, temperature, humidity, once beyond the limits can be automatically run。   In addition, the house lights, door locks, curtains, audio equipment are also intelligent operation, and automatic alarm function includes flooding。   Try fabricated renovation has been completed in three old house, are being attracted residents from returning。 Liu Jun introduced, what other city courtyard is also expected to experience large scale fabricated renovation this year is expected to have 15 yards to complete the transformation。