How conditioning endocrine disorders?

管理 / 2018-07-27

Can regulate the endocrine function of the body, the life cycle of each woman's decision, female body and mental health of the patron saint, if endocrine problems arise, the various hormones in the body to maintain balance is broken, will not be able to effectively control the body, female friends will easily get sick, serious and even lead to a variety of gynecological diseases。Endocrine disorders hazards: First: breast pain caused by breast disease, breast hyperplasia, the main reason is that endocrine disorders。
Breast more important role is to promote their growth and development through the secretion of estrogen, so once endocrine imbalance, disorder, it is easy to form the mammary gland hyperplasia and breast cancer。  Second: the cause of gynecological diseases gynecological endocrine diseases are common, endometriosis, irregular menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation is gynecological endocrine diseases, and some breast diseases and endocrine disorders related, some face pigmentation is due to endocrine disorders caused by。
  Third: Some women married for many years lead to infertility, sexual life is normal, but pregnant hopeless。
Go to the hospital, the doctor told the first endocrine tune。
The reason, endocrine disorders, endocrine regulation of the cerebral cortex that is not working, resulting in some closely related to the normal pregnancy hormone secretion disorder, affect pregnancy。Or endometrial damage, the female hormone insensitive reaction, reflex effects of endocrine regulation, reducing the chance of pregnancy success。
  Fourth: Easy fiery menopausal women often some grumpy, emotional changes in the larger situation, there sweating, bad temper, etc., which may be the female endocrine disorder occurs due to。
  Fifth: likely to be obese, "turbid water, all flesh", many people often issue such a feeling。
According to endocrinologist introduced, and this may be my endocrine disorders are related, high-calorie, high-fat foods, pay attention to a balanced diet and other eating habits will also affect the endocrine。