Economic growth failed to dispel doubts about American voters

管理 / 2018-07-30

Today, on the eve of parliamentary elections, the data showed the US economy is experiencing the fastest growth rate since 10 years, struggling in Europe or Japan, the leaders of this growth is sufficient to increase the popularity of voters。  But Barak – Obama (Barack Obama) and Democratic Party (Democratic Party) faced only headwind, polls show voters resentful of the United States for the first time in eight years the Republicans control the Senate, and the House Republicans to help get maximum seats in half a century Advantage。  This will significantly boost the morale of the Republican Party。In recent years, the party is portrayed as ideology into a dead end, the number of elderly whites to rely on declining voter support。  Yet voters do not like how the overall mood of bipartisan。In the United States to resume its traditional position as a global economic engine of the occasion, the Americans are still pessimistic about their country and their own prospects。  Washington conservative think tank – the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) – Michael Barrow (Michael Barrow) said: "I think voters have anti-Democrat sentiment, I do not think they support Republicans。"With a simple question (the United States is in the right or wrong track?) To track the benchmark survey of voter sentiment is currently bogged down in negative territory since -W- since George Bush (George · W · Bush) government。  Americans have been proud of its deep-rooted spirit of optimism, convinced that each generation will be better than the previous generation, but now Americans are negative emotions become a new norm for the future。  Bipartisan campaign, as well as wealthy business leaders often substantial contributions made by anonymous parties, are the overwhelming negative ads, strengthen people's cynicism。  According to the response of the political center (Center for Responsive Politics), the midterm elections will cost $ 4 billion, a record non-presidential election year。In the area is small, it is the focus of both parties to compete in Iowa, a local television station about 20 consecutive broadcast political advertising。  Obama tried to fight negative sentiment in the rare appearances during the campaign several times。He said at a governor's race in Connecticut rally: "Although there is so much skepticism, but the United States is making progress。"Translator / Ho Lai (Source: FT Chinese Network)