League guess the outcome: Real Madrid lined up for Barcelona

管理 / 2018-07-31

Suddenly, five major European leagues have reached the stage of finishing touches, in addition to the Scudetto there is a trace of suspense, the other four major league suspense, I am afraid only when Manchester City, Paris, Barcelona and Bayern can take the trophy up。 Then they can win in the fastest when it?In five major league, there is also what suspense it?La Liga: Real Madrid lined up to welcome the Barcelona?Things were not so simple current La Liga has kicked 29, from ending up only nine games, the current Barcelona Atletico Madrid ahead of two points up to 11 points, according to the points gap, Barcelona can advance 3 game win。
According to the current schedule point of view, Barcelona rival in the penultimate three rivals Real Madrid in what, if three can win in advance, so by convention La Liga, Real Madrid will welcome champions Barcelona at the Nou Camp lined up admission。
With respect to almost a foregone conclusion championship fight, Barcelona can win the league title before the battle Real Madrid, Real Madrid to whether admission will be lined up to welcome the Barcelona, La Liga this season is the most attractive a big suspense。
But according to the actual situation, even if Barcelona and Atletico Madrid maintain the points difference now is the time to play Real Madrid, may not be able to win in advance, lined up to welcome Real Madrid。
Why is this?This is Barcelona broke into the King's Cup final, so the penultimate 5 Villarreal match with Barcelona certainly have to be postponed, if Barca broke into the Top 4 of the Champions League, then the April 6 May 22 to battle Real Madrid Barcelona are two games a week, so this bottom fifth round of the contest, it must be behind the war Real Madrid, then Barcelona Real Madrid battle reciprocal of the third round of the league for Barcelona is in fact became the penultimate 4 round, according to the points gap now, when Barcelona was unable to win ahead of。 If Barca broke into the Champions League semi-finals, the race is also true in such arrangements, if not to make mistakes Barcelona Atletico Madrid, when Barcelona against Real Madrid at the time, because the little Barcelona Bilbao played this game, Atletico's leading points only 8 points, it is not up to win ahead of requirements。
Only then victory over Barcelona or Real Madrid draw, to be able to win。
More interesting is that the first two Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in the first 31 there is a war before the national derby, if Barca will not make mistakes, while Real Madrid to defeat or draw with Atletico in the game, so when the national derby, Barca's advantage is enough for them to win four in advance, so no matter postponed match with Villarreal to how late, will not affect the outcome of the Barcelona derby win ahead of former national。
Atletico win but may be lined up for Barcelona, rivals and not willing to lose, how to select, really look at myself Real Madrid。
Premier League: Manchester City Manchester United win foot?And La Liga is very similar to that, there will likely Premier League rivals Manchester City foot of drama Manchester United win。 Currently the Premier League have been 30, Manchester City 2 Manchester United leading the first 16 points, while Manchester City Derby April 7 is likely to be decided whether it will become Manchester City will win the battle ahead 5。
Stepping on the opponent's body to win for Manchester City players must be memorable segment。 Before Man City derby, the two teams also each have a game to play, if Manchester United win and lose, then the points gap between the two sides will be widened to 19 points, in the case of seven of the league left, and Manchester City can not win ahead of six。 And if the first round losing to Manchester City Manchester United win, then the points gap to 13 points the two sides, but still won the derby win at Manchester City in advance。
Therefore, regardless of the results of the previous round of the competition, Manchester City, Derby will be the final battle to determine the winner。
If you can beat Manchester United in the game, then in the case of the remaining five matches, Manchester City ahead of Manchester United's points advantage to reach 19 points, enough to make these points ahead of Manchester City won the championship。 Even if the two sides draw, the two teams will have the points gap 16 points, this advantage is enough to win ahead of Manchester City 5。
So unless Manchester United victory over Manchester City in order to prevent Manchester City win ahead。
Can Manchester United win Manchester City in addition to stepping outside of this spectacle, suspense is the second largest Chelsea can overtake Tottenham or Liverpool, the Champions League to catch the last train。
Currently Liverpool 31 No. 3 63 minutes, 61 minutes Spurs 30 No. 4, Chelsea 30 points ranked fifth plot 56。 In the March 31, between Chelsea with Tottenham have a direct contest, the penultimate two, there is a direct contest with the Blues between Liverpool, these two key battle will no doubt Chelsea fight four prospects to produce important influence。
Tottenham in the penultimate 5, as well as a contest with Manchester City, Tottenham if two successive lost this battle, then it is likely to fall out of the top four of the Premier League。 French Bundesliga: Bayern Paris who can win ahead of the Premier League and La Liga, like the French and the Bundesliga championship has no suspense, Paris 31 accumulated 83 points ahead in the case of more than 17 points a game in Monaco。
In the first 33 French, Paris and Monaco as well as a contest April 16, if the two sides do not make mistakes in the game before, so long as Paris does not lose to Monaco, it is possible to ensure that at least the gap in the race 14 points。
In the case of only four, which is enough to ensure that the advantages of Paris won the league title。
In the Bundesliga, Bayern league left in the case 7, also the second lead 17 minutes Mingshaerke。
Last week, Bayern hope to maintain tied melon handsome seven weeks ahead of the record of winning, but they unexpectedly lost to Leipzig, which ranked second and third place Schalke 04 and more particularly have won the game, so Bayern's win also postponed plans。
April 1 will usher in a direct contest with Bayern more special, if we can win more special, you only need to retake Bayern 1 minute, 5 will be able to win ahead。
The next round of Schalke lose or draw, then Bayern can win ahead of six。 Relative to when Bayern won the Champions League who can get to be more interesting, the current gap between the Bundesliga Frankfurt 4 to 6 Leipzig only 2 points, who owns the Champions League places, really can not say。 Serie A: Milan can return to the Champions League?Serie A is among the only five major league still retains Champions League suspense, currently ranked No. 1 Juventus plot 75 points, just two ahead of Napoli 2 points, while the penultimate round 5, Juventus and Napoli will usher in a direct dialogue, which contest will undoubtedly become the most crucial battle of the decision of the Serie a championship。
Either Juventus or Napoli, the remaining nine games, every game should be played as a final job。
Serie A title race is not only a fierce, fierce competition for the top four is also called, is currently ranked No. 4 ranked No. 6 between Inter Milan, the gap is only 5 points。
But for these five points behind Milan, not so easy to catch up gap。 Since April 1, on the road to Milan face Juventus, followed by April 5, they have to at home to usher in the Milan derby, while in April 15, the Rossoneri will usher in Naples。 The Inter in April 29 as well as games with Juventus contest, if Milan can get through this tough schedule, and Inter Milan make mistakes, then Milan will have the opportunity to return to the top four, return to the Champions League arena。