Bedtime exercises, often do this exercise effective treatment of insomnia (1)

管理 / 2018-08-03

  Now work pressure because people are forced psychosis insomnia, the harm is very large, so we have to learn some coup treatment of insomnia so that they can quickly and easily to sleep, which is a good bedtime the method is easy to learn, and the treatment of insomnia effects are very significant。  With the pressures of life and work of the people increased, often appear the phenomenon of insomnia, to give us a great deal of pain, the following night the network is to introduce some of the bedtime treatment of insomnia。
  Treatment of insomnia before going to bed, lying on the back stretching exercises kneeling, his hands stretched forward as far as possible, at the same time under the pressure shoulder for 10?15 seconds was repeated 10 times。
  Standing practice sessions can be carried out, especially for people who do drive fatigue。In order to let the body relax more flexible, can do some stretching exercises after bathing, is also a good bedtime activities。
  When the long drive, stretching exercises help relieve fatigue waist, shoulder, off to do as much as possible, so that the whole body stretch。
  2, sit cross-legged under physical pressure unilateral long sitting, left leg bent closer to the body, ankle snapping right thigh, arm straight, upper body slowly forward until his hands held onto the right toe, chest close to the thigh, for 10?15 seconds was repeated 10 times, change sides。
  At first not touch toes, their own visual softness, hold on to the leg or ankle。
  3, the ankle to the toe as the center of rotation, ankle slowly rotated 10 times clockwise and counterclockwise。  Strength training stretching exercises in addition to preventing back pain relaxation, but also help blood circulation and increase the movable range of the joint, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the muscles。Especially stretched abdominal muscles。
  1 cm abdominal muscles to the best, but the old man rarely up to standard, when the abdominal muscles are not strong enough, it is easy to poor posture, cause back pain。To make the abdominal muscles, back muscles stronger, help load-bearing spine, should try to exercise。  4, the side abdominal muscles lie, shore head with one hand, on the other hand help to support the body in front of the abdomen, the upward elevation feet together, stay 5?Down after 10 seconds, repeated 10 times, change sides。  5, face down on the back muscles, abdomen underlay a pillow, hand on the waist, slowly lift the upper body, the body can be horizontal, stay 5?After 10 seconds down, repeat 10 times。People should not have disc。
  6, the waist opening swivel motion with both hands to the straight sides, supine body shape of a cross, bent after his knee, across the left thigh, Wang Zuoce depressed until feel tight side of the waist, head to the right look, can not pay attention to the shoulders off the ground for 10?15 seconds was repeated 10 times, change sides。  7, extended standing side waist and shoulder, right wrist left hand, as to the top of the head to stretch, bend and then further left until the right armpit and waist tight feeling, for 10?15 seconds was repeated 10 times, change sides。Not pay attention to the upper body leaning forward when scoliosis。  8, supine abdominal muscles, both knees slightly clamped, bent at 90 °, the upper abdominal pressure (head-to-scapula) away from the bed, above the knee in a straight forward with both hands to maintain this position 5? After 10 seconds, then relax, repeated 10 times。