Australian prestigious exam school-related shame China unreservedly apologize!

管理 / 2018-08-05

This is a quiz of human resources management courses at Monash University, questions posted on the school's Web site, open to all students MG2340 (course code) include Chinese, Indians, Australians, etc., but there are 10 questions half are related to China。
Take a look at the local Chinese students believe that the two most controversial questions Question 6: There is a saying in China, government officials only when ____ of the truth when he says: Correct answer: d.When they get drunk or careless Question 10: The main obstacle in China, modernization, introduction of new technologies and industrial reform of what is?The correct answer: d.Lack of skilled workers, particularly managers looked at these topics, there are Chinese students in Melbourne, said, "I have an unprecedented strangeness of my country."。
It also caused concern Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne。
The museum staff education group said they received reflect the situation of students and school authorities have expressed concern that required the schools to investigate, seriously and properly handle。 Gao Song mentioned on the 19th, they found that the expression of the textbook reference material from the "South China Morning Post" article 2003。
This paper describes the Shenzhen survey for 1432 national cadres and found that most of the time they can not tell the people the truth and colleagues。
Gao Song believes that now China's development, especially in the last five years can be said that with each passing day。 School teaches students in 2003 to see the point of today's China, it is clearly not objective and inaccurate。 Moreover, even Monash University have provisions, reference must be the last five to 10 years, there will be no further away the reference value。 In the efforts of local students, 19, Monash University officials to respond on the matter。
Vice Dean of the Business School of Education at Monash University RorbertBrooks mail to students said some of the problems in questions unsatisfactory, it does not mean Monash University's point of view。
They will be withdraw immediately this test。
Currently, the treatment advice given by the school include:.Pause the topic and the teacher's work; 2.Further investigation involves more material this view; 3.Statement stressed that those opinions do not represent the school。
Dean of Business School, Monash University ColmKearney in response to the message saying, for this to happen expressed unreserved apology。
Editor: Fei Fan。