"Land Gate" denied tampering with documents indicating Abe public opinion gradually into "dangerous waters"

管理 / 2018-08-06

  [Reuters, Reuters, Kyodo News: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the 19th meeting of the Senate Budget Committee。 For the Friends of Mori Gakuen land scandal and file tampering controversy, he said the government promises to bear responsibility, but stressed that the relationship with his wife Akie Mori Friends of the academy did not affect tampering with documents。 He claimed that he even exists Ministry of Finance Banking Bureau internal approval documents are unaware, unable to give instructions。
Public opinion survey showed Abe Cabinet support rate plummeted due to land scandal。   Japan's Finance Ministry on the 12th in the survey acknowledged that the Ministry of Finance of land door of 14 relevant documents were tampered with, including deleting Abe Zhao to benefit a number of names of politicians。   Meeting on the 19th, the Abe denied that he had instructions deletion file, even read the documents before the amendment, you can clearly know that I am and Zhao Hui and land for sale has nothing to do; for mentioned in the document with his wife and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance with Aso place is removed from the Ministry of Finance from the record issue, Abe said, I do not know the existence of these documents, how could tamper ordered。
  Friends of Mori Gakuen approval file tampering problems caused by a direct blow to national discontent Abe government。 According to the two latest polls show that Abe's approval rating plummeted to its lowest level since he took office in 2012 to%。
  Last Abe Cabinet support rate fell below 40% in July last year Kake Gakuen new veterinary issues。
If the support rate fell below 30%, Abe Cabinet will usher in a regime operators entering the dangerous waters of the watershed。