Game of Love generation of talented woman

管理 / 2018-08-08

Republic of China Shanghai just as bright bright stage, peacefulness romantic scenes in the interpretation of the legend, and the topic is Huiyin are like a never ending myth of immortality。She was like April in the human spirit, regardless Years went by, always gloomy light dance in people's minds, sultry chest。If Zhang Ailing talented woman is just beautiful, Lin Huiyin is talented woman is beautiful in。But it seems not enough to make her stand out, Yanyaqunfang, in my opinion perfect game Lin Huiyin in love to let her name became forever。    And Lin Huiyin has first man is at stake is Xu。I do not know count as first love, but I think Huiyin this woman is absolutely impossible to fall in love with a married man, not to mention she had a sinus not just open girl。Shima did not dare to speculate whether Huiyin love, after all this emotion ethereal stuff from the virtual doped too complex factors, and sometimes even the authorities which will tangle, and what we can speculate on it these descendants?“I will be a big crowd looking for my only soul mate, too, I fortune was not my life”Maybe just a romantic poet delicate bones of his cell boil quiet mind, or crazy after demand and not, how will immediately mesmerized in mad pursuit of it LiuXiaoMan?Hulan Cheng Xu and always felt there are some similarities in terms of temperament, romantic and sentimental, romantic chic, would have been selected if Eileen Chang Hsu poetry Smirnov, and Lin Huiyin career will see more heavy, so it is more in love with reason, this is different at the two talented woman。Xu love can indeed be under the cruel, when acquaintance with Lin Huiyin, whose first wife Zhang Youyi been pregnant, say love is blind, in order to spend with his wife Lin Huiyin he had to be forced abortion。And at that time the abortion is extremely dangerous, pleading Zhang Youyi Xu said:“This years abortion often dead”。Xu but can be ruthless said:“Others die because of it by train, do you see what people do not take the train?”I do not know these words Huiyin know is touched or after chilling。But say, Xu's charisma was undeniable,“Several women in his life met them inside, maybe I love him”, We see evident from the words of Zhang Youyi。Xu Lin Huiyin devoted to the desperate love really can make any woman jealous, he said.“Even if she is a sea, I would gladly do on a sea journey of lost Bluebird。”So nice to hear words of love not heart is certainly false, but if it is Huiyin's heart can be captured so easily it was not her。Lin Huiyin swap items like literature just as in life, to choose, she is scheduled to follow the building away。Xu Lin Huiyin understand, but do not necessarily know Xu Lin Huiyin, so when Hsu also fascinated when writing love poetry everywhere among the youth, Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin has been pursuing dreams away。    Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin chose any of a mature woman perhaps can understand。Not only lie between Lin Huiyin and Xu's family responsibilities, parents obstacles, and a paper marriage as well as the world's opinion of the beam, in the semi-closed environment can be described as a lot of difficulties, Lin Huiyin, how could you not know it?Hurried retreat morals are mapped panic fear of fear of people, compared to the poetic Xu, Liang Huiyin more desire is wide and thick real arm。May never know, Mr. Jin's literary greats“By Lin door”Lin Huiyin's heart seems to have shaken, the three men certainly are a favorite Mr. Jin Lin Huiyin, she has become“Those withering pain had laughed bloom engraved in the soul imprint”, A like-minded with you, carefully protected, lifetime follow, but do not ask you to respond to a man who could resist it?So one day to Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin and confiding:“Sicheng, my pain, and I fell in love with two people at the same time, I can not decide, I do not know how to do。”Liang Sicheng just gently sigh, chose to finish the work, but after the Westernized intellectuals is to have ordinary people difficult to match the height, in order not to embarrass Huiyin, Mr. Jin opted out, but since then I order Huiyin lonely, never married。    Lin Huiyin indeed be regarded as a master in the game of love。Republican architects countless high attainments, such as sea clouds beautiful woman。But if there was no past may not be known to her poetry and Xu that part of the world, there is no son of Liang Sicheng embellishment at most, only she's a high society ladies, not waiting for her love of Mr. Jin will not become the talk of gossip。And she is the most astute at a critical time cut off Xu's emotions, and when Mr. Jin ambiguous candidly reveal the state of mind to Liang, Mr. Jin finally can make life worth waiting for。    I was very puzzled most people around them do not like Lin Huiyin, she says she was too shenanigans like。And more sympathy for the weak people like Eileen Chang, as in love, the kind of perfectionist down Huiyin attracted attacked。In fact, a person so painstakingly built their future is not wrong, at least she is with your heart and live, at least she knew how to retreat, at least finally found the love of Xu, Mr. Jin could have been watching their loved ones happy, Liang Sicheng Outrageous, How do change so you can handle it properly?Lin Huiyin then only a strong woman, a secular in the dust, she faced three good men will tangle。Perhaps she also told Hsu unfeeling, then also persuaded Mr. Jin to find true love, who in the past few decades the story of how we know it?Modern ideas always like placed in some old person, this really is not scientific。You do understand the background of the era?You do know the details of her life?You heard her tone of voice do?We do not know anything。But all I know can get so much love a woman, you must be a person worthy of our love。The face of a man run out of life for China we saw no reason to blame it?    Conscience does not mean to follow live seeding, if you are an ambitious aspirations of people would enjoy to play your charm, if you are ascetic dedication of people waiting for you that would be pure land it。There are many forms of life, there are a variety of options in life, love what you love, you give up the abandoned, that's all。