Han Xiang Yang Rui ink ripples

管理 / 2018-08-09

Moon shining, silverside span, strings fluttering, light Executive shallow Meet willing to dance with the wind, drunk with the End of the World。Does anyone remember, flowers containing core, ink refers to condensate situation, ask the wind Qing Yan, went to the feast charming fold after Hong Yan Mulan you a prosperous!    Bowl, shallow rub shoulders, desire v. Acacia, thinking sleepless。Gazing first saw, the edge is the most beautiful, beautiful Akimitsu, Joseph thought engraved in floral dreams, silent watch。I was standing closest to where you are, light smell the orchids flowers, I am full of sympathy and affection overturning, wind drift, wanton flowing。Say we are sugars, no one can tell me that will eventually sweet to sad, pour a little finger with ink War。Copy paint, but not your fair lady painted hair; pen flower loneliness, who can answer?That rub shoulders mortal world, or caught a glimpse of bright, elegant reunion or smile, only to find that time he is so stupid。Enron alone, whether innocuous, laugh vicissitudes?    Han Xiang Rui ink, overflowing the years Xuan window。Full of love Jian Hong, Qing and low light singing, fold a thousand origami cranes, flying in your dreams, hope we can count our soul music ink rhyme Fine, bring back your shadow。Sometimes, I feel life is too long, too lonely, waiting for your reply did not return date。    Red light line, after years of transformation, can not say“Among the flowers too, leaves no Zhanshen”。Small snow Zen said, really love a person should not be the case in front of her face, others say she is my only, can not be replaced。In each dawn sunset, I will make inquiries themselves, you tasted the bitter Acacia, why not v?I stood in the twilight southern misty rain, stopped a long time, just before the lotus River, a touch of longing, missing in March, hanging Shu Tong Night。    Westerly curtain, rain slightly lowered, and the light with the drunk Qing。Intoxicating wine, people ecstasy。Under the dim moonlight, I hesitate to step into this cold, eagerly sea。I seem to see the moon, but in the dim diffuse, Esq time I was still staring broken up。Waterside cliffs, how can I hustle bearish these earthly?So, I learned to express light after years of trials and removed, fend off the cold with sunshine, warm words。Think once luxuriantly, you can laugh at, in shallow calmly and slowly diffuse through the fingertips, Shanfanjiujian。    Static light pen book moves all-in bet, even lonely day and night, and could not pull, Jin years of incense; cook a pot of Huajiu, you wash away the lingering sorrow。    “Jinfeng Yu Lu a meet, they won numerous world。”Yiyi like feather butterfly empty deceive, Fuqin song "carved cage", a dream wedding day, a kiss days of shortage, to a Fallen flowers, they begin you will feel bad Wenruan。So, where I meet with you, a light cover training falling, Acacia species planted, hope you can harvest this beauty, elegance style red beans; in your ears, Whispering softly whisper, you are a pain-free fingers interlocked。    On the window sill, you personally planted orchids, elegant aroma or so, but I can not do, Ukiyo clear Huan's open-minded。Looked at it, I can not help but think of you this lengthy Yuehua。Heart flow and spearmint, ripples Ripples layer by layer, olive green stretch open spirit and rhyme; blue sky under clear blue water shimmering halo thrown, invited fellow, graceful in my mind the most vulnerable places, light ripples。    Who said:“Gazing know, harps and phase, a bow, a nod, Trinidad Concert hard to find, we are doomed mountain stream Boya sub-period。”Read the warmth on the timeline, the heart have had honey, persevering, just indulge me alone!In the picturesque scenery, the beautiful ten red makeup, Meimou smile, mouth Qing Yang, stirring the fleeting, the darkness of grief; have your dream is too short, persevering gorgeous and thin bleak vicissitudes of life, who can tell me , the how to Purdue Chi Hong?    Everyone says that, in the long Red, a surplus grip understand, cherish every encounter, Juyi Peng warm years, is the most authentic relieved。I do not want to ever, savor the quiet beauty of life, the years Thanksgiving gentle; be……can……But how I can not do, forget your warm, the Red smile。    Han Xiang Yang Rui ink ripples, far more than the shallow ripples, just hide my emotions, can not bear to laugh at the vicissitudes of life。Phi ink brush, flowers such as orchids, like shallow autumn, flooding in every stillness of the night, Tim brushed warmth florid dream, hesitated April day dreamy poet meddle。